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No-fault insurance reform

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1:53 pm
November 19, 2013



You are absolutely correct, I am moving to area from Ohio and just received a quote which is almost 70 percent higher than what I am now pating

11:28 pm
May 7, 2013



In Bill Petzold's "no-fault reform" article, he reported that L. Brooks Patterson states that Michigan auto insurance rates being too high is misrepresented and that Michigan is only five percent higher than the national average.  This is far from the truth.  You can go on websites like,,, New York, and other websites and they will show pretty much the same info where Michigan ranks in auto insurance rates.  Michigan and Louisiana are the top 2 highest annual premium for car insurance in the nation.  On average, most annual premiums are about $2500 for people. website (article on March 19th 2013) explains how they come up with the average.  It is based on a 40 year old man with a clean driving record and good credit with common coverages and deductible at $500 for collision and comprehensive.  If you look at the (median) 25th and 26th ranked states….Indiana and Colorado….their average car insurance rates are slightly over $1500 ($1518 and $1508 respectively).  So how Mr. Patterson comes up with Michigan being 5% higher than national average I have no clue.  Try like 67% higher than the median or close to that for average.  Michigan is the only state that has unlimited PIP in the form of the MCCA.  Each vehicle you insure, you are forced to pay $175 fee to the MCCA.   The MCCA fee on my motorcycle is more than my actual insurance.  What a crock!   A person should only be charged once not for every car/vehicle they own.  If a person owns 3 cars and a 1 motorcycle then you have to pay $700 just in MCCA fees.  Another issue in Michigan is uninsured motorist.  We are at 17%, which is in the top 10 in the nation.  People should have a choice if the want to participate in the MCCA.  That would solve the issue.  The problem is the people who want the lifetime benefits that the MCCA provides would want to opt out of paying the fee.  I am tired of paying for other people.   This whole no-fault thing in Michigan is bull!  There is always someone at fault in a car crash.  There is no such thing as an accident.  Someone always crashes into someone else…always someone at fault.  It is time for people who are causing the crashes to start being held responsible.  A vehicle is no different than a loaded gun.  You can kill someone just as easy with a vehicle as a gun.  Its time people take responsibility for their actions.  Insurance premiums need to be based solely on a person's driving record….not credit report, not zip code, etc… People should have a choice to participate in the MCCA or not.  If you get in a crash and are at fault….you should have to take responsibility.  If you hurt a person and alter their life then your life should be altered too.  You can help pay for their care….not the people of the State of Michigan.  I am completely in favor of getting rid of the MCCA or at least making it a choice to participate in.  The problem in this country is that people want others to take care of them to pay their way in life.  To the people who have loved ones injured in crashes.  I do think your loved ones deserve the care.  I just think it should be funded by the people who cause it….not the people of the State of Michigan.

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