Arbela Township

Arbela Township

Board seeks pavement delay

Arbela Township doesn’t want Swaffer Road paved.

At least not yet.

In the past month, the Tuscola County Road Commission replaced four drainage tubes running under Swaffer Road, between Vassar and Belsay roads. The road commission planned, once the ground had settled, to pave that mile of road.

But the Arbela Township board voted Monday to ask the road commission to wait before paving Swaffer Road, which runs along the border of Arbela and Tuscola townships, because Arbela Township officials don’t want dips in the pavement. That mile of the road is Arbela Township’s responsibility.

Supervisor Joe White said the township wants the road paved, it just wants the road commission to wait for the soil around the tubes to settle first, so if dips do develop they can be filled first.

“But we’ll see what happens,” White said.

The township board also asked the road commission to delay paving Stanley Drive, one of the streets in a subdivision running north, off Willard Road, between Bray and Barkley roads. The road commission recently installed a new drainage tube at the intersection of Stanley and Baker drives.

The board’s decision had one caveat: if the road commission was willing to give the township $25,000 – a grant the road commission offers townships for paving their oldest mile of road – then the township would prefer to see Stanley Drive paved from Willard Road to the tube at Baker Drive.

Lewis Road, between Arbela and Birch Run roads, also will be closed so the road commission can install another drainage tube.

Several tubes running under roads throughout the southern townships of the county were damaged in the heavy rains that fell the morning of May 25. Up to six inches of rain fell in some areas, causing widespread flooding and an estimated $4.2 million road damage.

The township board also:

• Learned the road commission is trimming trees in the township that hang over the roadways and is scheduled to grade the township’s gravel roads next week. The unpaved roads will receive a dose of calcium chloride before Labor Day in an effort to cut down on dust.

• Approved rezoning a 275-by-300-foot parcel on Barnes Road from agriculture to residential zoning at the request of Victor Ill.

• Learned building inspector Tim Anderson is having Tuscola County Sheriff’s Deputy Brittany Glumm look into three blight violations. Anderson received five new blight complaints on Monday.

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