M-46 resurfacing in Indianfields Township starts July 9

Motorists will soon notice another construction project in Tuscola County. In July, M-46 is scheduled to be resurfaced.

The project, scheduled to begin July 9, is in addition to the ongoing work on M-138, which is closed between Reese Road and Vassar Road, and M-24 pavement work from the Tuscola/Lapeer county line to Caro.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will invest $3.9 million to resurface M-46 for over five miles from Sheridan Road to M-24 in Indianfields Township. The resurfacing is scheduled to last until November. “The funding for this project is 100 percent state funds,” MDOT Communications Representative Jocelyn Hall said.

Work includes joint repairs, intersection improvements, drainage and guardrail installation.

“Joint repair work is generally when a section of the pavement has to be dug down a little deeper,” Hall said. “Because of the joint repairs, the contractor will move the entire span of the project, replace all joints throughout the project limits and allow motorists to drive on the surface for a minimum of three days. This helps to pack the joint material in and then they will pave a nice smooth layer over top, sealing in all of the repairs made to the joints.”

Similar to the MDOT project on M-24 that began over a month ago, the M-46 resurfacing project will require a single-lane closure under flag control. Crews will be working on 1.5-mile increments at a time.

An MDOT press release stated the work will create a smoother driving surface and geometric improvements at some intersections.

“In this case it generally refers to the turning radius,” Hall said when asked what is meant by geometric improvements. “M-46 and M-24 is the major intersection and where the focus will be. Once we get out there, it will depend on how much we can afford before working on other intersections.”

Other roads that intersect with M-46 where work will be done includes Kile, Washburn, Apache, Chambers, Bruisee, Leix and Wire Line.

Ace-Saginaw Paving Company of Saginaw is the contractor for this project.

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