Kelly & Co. Realty relocates from Sebewaing to Caro

(Photo by John Cook)
Kelly & Co. Realty Sales Associate Joey Kreeger, left, and Associate Broker Sue Wiese-Monville. The realty business now has an office in Caro at 253 S. State St. after relocating from its Sebewaing office.

Kelly & Co. Realty will operate two offices in Tuscola County, after Feb. 5 marked its first official day in business at its new location at 253 S. State St. in Caro.

The office was located in Sebewaing (since 1998) before the move.

“Caro is the (Tuscola) County seat for number one,” Associate Broker Sue Wiese-Monville said when asked why the company relocated to Caro. “Now was a good time for this, too. You’ve got the population and you’ve got growth, businesses, manufacturers and the amount of people to draw from. Whether that’s commercial, residential, waterfront and rivers for people to live by. Caro is a good town to come to and be a part of.”

Wiese-Monville was born and raised in the Unionville-Sebewaing area and received her real estate license in 1992.

“We are still here to work everywhere, especially that area where she is from,” Joey Kreeger, sales specialist at Kelly & Co. said.

Kreeger has been with the realty company for almost four years.

Kelly & Co.’s other location is at 6451 Main St. in Cass City, which opened in 1985 by owner and broker Kelly Smith.

Smith has owned the building at 253 S. State St. in Caro for a number of years, and it was formerly a tattoo parlor.

Wiese-Monville and Kreeger both noted that the business is growing, which is another reason for relocating from Sebewaing to Caro.

“You can show five houses a day, every day, seven days a week,” Kreeger said. “If we all work like that and you combine the number of agents at both offices, that would be a lot of houses a month.”

There will be five, full-time sales associates working at the Caro office, which is across State Street from Stephens’ Tire, many of whom are from Caro and are familiar with the community.

“The company is growing and it’s about being a part of the future,” Wiese-Monville said. “The agents between the Cass City and Caro offices have a lot of experience and knowledge, and it has been positive working together as a team. We work to help people move from A to B.”

Kelly & Co. assists with real estate needs for residents in Tuscola, Huron and Sanilac counties. It also works with properties all around Michigan for customers looking to buy or sell.

The work culture at Kelly & Co. plays a big part in its philosophy of why it does business, according to Wiese-Monville, who said that she has clients who she first worked with 15 years ago, who she continues to work with on other properties.

“They didn’t know I was alive still,” she said. “If you do a good job of what you do, you will keep your clientele. That’s what makes reputable companies and why we are here.”

Sales associates at Kelly & Co. co-broke with other agents in the area meaning that agents from different realty companies can share a property listing with them. For example, an office with a listing will co-broke with Kelly & Co. which may have a buyer and if there is a sale, the agents will split the commission.

“We work well with other agents in the area and have really good relationships with them,” Kreeger said. “That is really important to have in this business.”

A strength of sales specialists at Kelly & Co. is that they have many years of experience between them.

“I don’t even know how many years it would be if you added it all together,” Kreeger said. “If something comes up and I don’t know, we bounce ideas off each other and work together really well.”

Wiese-Monville says that purchasing homes is what Kelly & Co. does the most of and that now is a good time to purchase. With a large number of loans readily available, she says that right now is a smart time to invest and that a monthly payment to buy probably would be less than renting for one month.

“The first step in the home process is to get pre-approved,” Kreeger said. “We have a lot of lenders that will deal with you first and once you are pre-approved, is the best time to contact us.”  

Kelly & Co. Realty is a member of the Rural Multi-Listing Service along with other MLS systems so it can access any home – even from competitors – to ensure quality care of its customers.

An open house will be held at the Caro location on March 16 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. where the community will have the chance to meet the agents and check out the newly-renovated offices. For more information about Kelly & Co. Realty, call 989-673-2555 or visit its website at