Advertiser area basketball leaders


SCORING (points per game)

(File photo) Frankenmuth’s Mario Whitley (11) looks to score in a recent game against Bridgeport. Whitley leads all Advertiser-area boys’ basketball players in scoring with his 27.3 points per game average.

Mario Whitley, Frankenmuth 27.3

Riley Bugg, North Branch 18.8

Isaiah Williamson, USA 17.0

Sam Gray, Frankenmuth 16.1

Evan Neff, Kingston 15.2

Nathan Cloyd, Kingston 14.1

Yami Albrecht, Caro 13.8

Ethan Brady, Millington 13.0

Matt Fritz, Owendale-Gagetown 13.0

Trevin Phillips, Caro 10.4

Zach Fritz, USA 9.8

Micah Cramer, USA 9.5

Gerrid Rutledge, North Branch 9.5

Jackson Noel, Vassar 9.4

Brandon Binder, Owendale-Gagetown 9.4

Dylan Hubbard, Vassar 9.2

Zac Yorke, Millington 9.0

Tyler Heckroth, USA 8.8

Hunter Bohn, USA 8.5

Adam Barrows, North Branch 8.5

Dylan Friday, North Branch 8.1

Bryce Bearss, Millington 8.0

Kohlton Sherman, Millington 8.0

Stanley Trombley, Frankenmuth 7.3

Austin Ahern, Kingston 7.1

REBOUNDING (rebounds per game)

Luke Retford, Owendale-Gagetown 10.4

Trevin Phillips, Caro 10.1

Mario Whitley, Frankenmuth 10.0

Isaiah Williamson, USA 8.3

Zach Fritz, USA 8.3

Aaron Fahrner, Owendale-Gagetown 7.8

Austin Ahern, Kingston 7.4

Adam Barrows, North Branch 7.2

Nathan Cloyd, Kingston 6.3

Braden Kronz, North Branch 6.1

Bryce Bearss, Millington 6.0

Kohlton Sherman, Millington 6.0

Stanley Trombley, Frankenmuth 5.4

Riley Bugg, North Branch 5.4

Trejyn Callahan, Vassar 5.4


SCORING (points per game)

(Photo by John Cook) Cass City’s Sayge Cuthrell shoots the ball over the defense of Unionville-Sebewaing Area’s Rylee Zimmer during Thursday’s overtime win for the Patriots. Cuthrell leads all Advertiser-area girls’ basketball players in scoring with her 20.8 points per game average.

Sayge Cuthrell, Cass City 20.8

Emily Schaub, Marlette 18.3

Kelynn Kujat, Frankenmuth 17.9

Madison Wagner, Akron-Fairgrove 17.9

Lauryn Frenzel, Mayville 15.5

Katelyn Smith, Akron-Fairgrove 13.5

Lauren Adam, USA 12.6

Rylee Zimmer, USA 12.6

Carley Smith, Kingston 11.8

Lily Lyons, Kingston 9.0

Sydney Parker, Marlette 9.0

Emilee Sackman, Vassar 8.8

Jillyan Dinsmore, Kingston 8.6

Katie Engelhardt, USA 8.4

Brittany Hamilton, Cass City 8.0

Cameryn Brown, Caro 7.8

Camryn MacGuire, Kingston 7.6

REBOUNDING (rebounds per game)

Sayge Cuthrell, Cass City 10.1

Abigail Dunn, Akron-Fairgrove 9.9

Katelyn Smith, Akron-Fairgrove 9.1

Alison Witzke, Owendale-Gagetown 8.8

Rylee Zimmer, USA 8.4

Madison Wagner, Akron-Fairgrove 7.9

Jillyan Dinsmore, Kingston 7.8

Lauryn Frenzel, Mayville 7.5

Kelynn Kujat, Frankenmuth 7.0

Cameryn Brown, Caro 5.8

Lyndee Bailey, Mayville 5.6

Carley Smith, Kingston 5.4

Emilee Sackman, Vassar 5.4

Emilee Whitney, Vassar 5.4

Brooklin Karwat, Frankenmuth 5.3

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