Home invasion, cars in ditches make for busy night near Unionville


Ryan Richard-Trischler Moreno, 26, of Unionville, posted bond and is out of jail, after police allege he drove a pickup truck into a ditch, then invaded a home early Saturday morning on North Thomas Road in Tuscola County’s Akron Township.

Deputies from Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the home at 12:58 a.m. on Saturday for the report of a home invasion in progress, according to a release.

A 60-year-old female at the residence reported that Moreno had broken into her garage and was smashing out the window to her entrance door.

“She was home with her mother, who is 94,” Tuscola County Undersheriff Robert Baxter said. “Both were asleep at the time of the invasion. She heard a loud banging and could see a man banging on the wooden entrance door from the garage. She told the person to stop but he kept banging on the door until it broke. That is when she called 911 and didn’t hear him after that. It doesn’t sound like he was in there very long.”

The release stated that at the house, a window was broken out of the entrance door in the garage. The suspect had cut himself and blood was located at the scene. Moreno’s injuries were consistent with the home invasion.

Sebewaing Police also responded because Tuscola County Sheriff’s deputies were coming from a longer distance.

While en route to the home on Thomas Road, Tuscola County’s Sgt. Nitz and Deputy Herford came across the pickup truck, which was submerged in water in a ditch located off Thomas Road, one-quarter mile north of Bay Park Road. Several watercraft registrations, in the name of Gabriel Moreno, were found in the pickup truck, which led police to the suspect, Baxter said. A bottle of Budweiser beer was also found on the passenger floorboard of the partially submerged vehicle, he said. 

(Photo courtesy of Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office)
Ryan Richard-Trischler Moreno drove his car into a ditch early Saturday morning in Akron Township, police say. While enroute to a report of a home invasion on Thomas Road, deputies came across Moreno’s pickup truck which they said was involved in an accident and ended up submerged in water in a ditch located off of Thomas Road, one-quarter mile north of Bay Park Road. According to police, Moreno was involved in the accident, then invaded the home. He told authorities he ended up in the ditch after evading a deer.

While being interviewed by police, Ryan Moreno said he ended up in the ditch after swerving to miss a deer. After the accident, he made his way to the victims’ home, Moreno told police.

A single set of wet footprints could be seen on the roadway walking northbound on Thomas, according to the release.

Upon seeing the submerged pickup, deputies continued over to the home invasion where they determined the suspect had already fled the scene. It is unclear where Moreno went after the alleged home invasion.

Deputies located and apprehended Ryan Moreno, who had still not reported the accident, Saturday night.

The pickup wasn’t the only vehicle found in a ditch that night.

“Once that was cleared, officers were then dispatched two miles away to Thomas Road near M-25,” Baxter said. “There was another vehicle that was in a ditch. Marla Ortiz was arrested for operating while intoxicated in that car, and they were able to find paperwork in that car which had the name of the Moreno family on there.”

It turns out that Ortiz, 24, of Unionville, is Ryan Moreno’s girlfriend, Baxter said.

Ortiz was arrested shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday, an hour after deputies investigated the home in Akron Township.

“Once deputies came in contact with the drunk driver, they started piecing everything together,” Baxter said. “The following day, they went to the Moreno house and made contact with Ryan and determined he was a driver of the truck that was submerged.”

The pickup was removed from the ditch which allowed deputies to investigate a lead on the possible suspect which determined the home invasion and vehicle in the ditch were connected.

Contact was made with family members of Moreno before he was located.

“They came across the first one and were dispatched to the other one,” Baxter said.

Moreno posted bond, which was 10 percent of $3,000, according to Baxter.


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