CHS A cappella Singers

A cappella group to perform today at Caro Area District Library

CHS A cappella Singers
CHS A cappella Singers

Caroling has come to Caro Area District Library from a group that requires no instrumental melodies, but creates its own.
The CHS A cappella Singers will perform from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. today at the library, 840 E. Frank St. in conjunction with Caro’s Gingerbread Village celebration.
The singers will perform well-known Christmas-themed music including “Carol of the Bells,” and“That’s Christmas to Me”.
Today’s performance will be the second appearance of the group at the library.
Erin Schmandt, Caro Area District Library Director, said the group performed last year and had a turnout of 39 people.
“A cappella singing has become much more mainstream because of shows like ‘Glee’ and other reality TV shows,” said Schmandt. “We have the opportunity to see how hard it is for a group to sing without accompaniment, stay in harmony, stay in key and produce a beautiful sound.”
A cappella is Italian that translates to “in the manner of the chapel” with origins dating back to Christian and Jewish churches. It is a form of singing in a group or a solo without the accompaniment of instruments.
Tammy Kosters, middle school and high school choir director for Caro Community Schools, said this will be the group’s fourth performance of the year. She said the students usually average about 10 performances a year at different locations.
After the 1 p.m. performance, at 7 p.m. Sunday, the group is set to perform at the Tree of Love Ceremony at Caro Community Hospital, and at 7 p.m. Monday, they will perform at the annual community Christmas Concert put on by the Thumb Area Center for the Arts at Caro First Presbyterian Church. At last year’s library performance, Kosters said the group was well received with members of the audience singing along.
“They were all ages from little children up to little grandmas. Happy faces and applause. We count it a privilege how many times we get to perform.”
Kosters said this year, she hopes there will be 50 attendees.
Having an a capella group was not Kosters’ idea, but was the request of students who wanted to have the program.
“A couple of students came and wanted to start one,” Kosters said, noting the Singers were formed three years ago. “Ten kids auditioned and all got in. This year 20 auditioned and 12 got spots.”
Unlike choir or band, CHS A cappella Singers group is extracurricular and students have to practice before or after school. Participation is based on one’s ability to handle his own part or have the ability to carry a harmony on his own, Kosters said.
“They also say why they want to be in it and if they can commit to all of the engagements.” she said.
With only 12 in the group, it’s only two to every section – soprano, alto, tenor, bass and other parts. So if a student gets sick, Kosters said she will fill in as a bass, tenor, alto or soprano – whatever is needed.
Jordan Skinner, an alto in the group said she enjoys participating and being a part of the group because of the events where the students perform and the group is like one big family.
“We all support each other, we help each other through mistakes,” said Skinner. “I enjoy the ones we do at the hospital because it’s for something more important because I get to help others through singing.”
Skinner said today will be her first time singing at the library but said she’s excited.
“I expect to bring lots of joy to others because they enjoy us singing,” she said.
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