Huron County Sheriff finds drugs during sweep at high schools

County Schools Drug Sweep  12-2-16
The picture is of the drug dog and his handler St. Clair County Deputy Pink, working in the Ubly School. (Courtesy Huron County Sheriff’s Office)

Unprescribed pills and evidence of marijuana use were found in area high schools during a drug sweep conducted by the Huron County Sheriff’s Office.

Seven of eight high schools in Huron County were checked through the use of a drug dog from the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office.

The schools were not identified immediately, but a photo provided shows the dog at work in Ubly. The date of the search was not provided.

“Unfortunately, found in lockers were prescription pills unprescribed to a student and marijuana residue and paraphernalia in another’s,” Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson said in a press release.

Hanson said the dog also “hit on other lockers where it was apparent items within it had been subject to marijuana at one time or another.”

He pointed out, however, that the dog “hit on less lockers than normal.”

Hanson said school officials are dealing with the offenders “in-house” and that it’s believed suspensions are forthcoming.

The Huron County Sheriff further reminded parents to be “vigilant to their child’s behavoir and to check their belongings often to help curb and addiction before it occurs.”

Illegal drug tips can be reported by calling Huron Central Dispatch at 989-269-6421. An anonymous tip line can be reached at 989-269-2861.


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