Caro native Megan Tibbits to appear on ABC’s “Rising Star”

Her voice has rung through churches, schools and parks in Caro, but on Sunday evening, the voice of Megan Tibbits will be heard nationwide.

Tibbits will appear on ABC’s new groundbreaking reality series, “Rising Star,” which runs from 9 to 11 p.m. Sunday on WJRT TV-12.

The show debuted June 22, and the next set of 12 phenomenal singers from across the country will perform on this Sunday’s episode. Tibbits, 26, will face competition from vocalists around the country.

Though she now lives in Studio City, Megan is from Caro, and received her BA in Music Education from Cornerstone University. She not only sings but writes music and plays guitar, piano, harp and oboe. Megan grew up traveling the country in an RV with her family’s band, Living Truth, which exposed her to all kinds of music and instruments, providing her with a strong musical background. If she had a motto, it would be, “Weird is the new cool,” and her musical influences are Brooke Fraser, John Mayer, Sara Bareilles and Ed Sheeran. She wants to bring a message of purpose, faith and hope to the world through her music. Twitter and Instagram: @megan_tibbits.

Information about Tibbits also may be found at her website, megantibbits.com.


Egypt Dixon, 18, Texarkana, TX

Megan Tibbits, 26, Caro, MI

Rye Davis, 25, Pig, Kentucky

Shameia Crawford, 30, Lithonia, GA

Austin French, 20, Tifton, GA

Deedra Ervin, 20, Belle Haven, VA

April Lockhart, 18, Warren, NJ

Trinitii (group ages 19-30, Sacramento, CA)

Will Roth, Watauga, TX

Alice J. Lee, 25, Chicago, IL

Adam Jaymes, 24, Palmdale, CA

Sonnet Simmons, 34, LA, CA


Internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter Josh Groban is host, and country music superstar Brad Paisley, music sensation Kesha and hip hop artist and actor Ludacris comprise the expert panel on ABC’s “Rising Star,” the next evolution of live television.

“Rising Star” completely reinvents the traditional singing competition as —for the first time ever — the audience has the final say in real time. Each episode of the show follows a group of aspiring singers as they perform live. During each performance, viewers vote in real time via an App to determine if the singer will advance in the competition.  If the voting reaches a certain threshold, the performer moves on. In addition, based on the number of viewer photos appearing on the wall, the performer can see the level of response to his or her performance, so the feedback is immediate and dramatic.

To vote for your favorite performers, home judges (viewers) can download the Rising Star ABC app through the Apple App Store, Windows Market Place, or the Google Play Store. The App is essential to participate in the voting process, but it’s totally FREE and easy to use. Just register with your Facebook or Twitter account, and you’re ready to go.  Before each performance, you’ll be asked to check-in, and then when it’s time to vote, swipe BLUE (to the right) to vote YES or RED (to the left) to vote NO. You’ll see the results of the vote in REAL TIME on television — even if you are on the West Coast. In just seconds, your votes determine whether the wall rises, whether a performer moves on or goes home, or if you’re on the West Coast, whether a lucky performer gets a second chance. And IF you give us permission through the app, you might also see your Facebook or Twitter profile picture on the Rising Star wall.

Megan Tibbits, 26, Caro, MI


“Rising Star” opened the gate to a new era in reality competition, when the executive producers, Ken Warwick (“American Idol”) and Nicolle Yaron (“The Voice”) kicked off a nationwide search for talent earlier this year. The show accepted submissions online, via Instagram and production members traveled to Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles, New York and Boston for in person auditions. Beginning June 22, the performers winnowed down by that search will have their moment onstage in “Rising Star” with viewers deciding who wins.

“Rising Star” is executive produced in the U.S. by Ken Warwick (“American Idol”) and Nicolle Yaron (“The Voice”). The series is from Keshet DCP, the joint venture between Keshet International (KI), the global distribution and production arm of Keshet Media Group, and DC Media, the parent company of dick clark productions (dcp).

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