In defense of Governor Snyder

Editor, Advertiser:

After reading the remarks from Ms. Staples in her letter in your May 21 issue I think I may be able to help her understand why Governor Snyder is allowed to breathe her air in Michigan.

Seems she hits on all the same old “The sky is falling” points.

She starts with the normal talking points of:

School funding being cut

Retirees in public service declining in their well-being (pensions, I guess?)

Michigan students being stupid because of these cuts

State government being corrupt

Women and children being kicked to the side of the road

“AND” most important is the IMMORAL American Corporations making HUGE profits.

I am sure if Fidel Castro is “still” alive he would be very proud of Ms. Staples. This all makes for good solid ground for a “Coup” if properly handled.

Now keep in mind that this only happens when the wrong party is in this office. None of these problems existed while Virginia was at the helm of the ship of state.

Obviously there are real and reasonable answers to each of the points that Ms. Staples brings out but that is a waste of everyone’s valuable time. Also using any of her supposed good sources for information like the NPR is also a waste of our time. Just google Juan Williams and read why he got fired after 25 years with NPR and he was a diehard, Jimmy Carter is the greatest Democrat. Yes, do check out why NPR tossed him under the bus so to speak and when he fought back he was maligned as having some “mental” issues although this was never proved nor did it need to be proved as he went out of “step” and had to be severely punished for such actions. His great sin was being honest and that is what you get from NPR when you tell the public what you really feel on an issue. You be the judge on this case if you can spare the time.

Just HOW did Mr. Snyder gain this office? How COULD he gain this office? He was opposed by the largest and richest lobby in the USA which is the Teachers Union. He was also against the many unions in Michigan. He went against every liberal and every one that expects a check on the first of the month. He was opposed by the Seniors who were told he was going to steal their Social Security checks (just another falling sky lie that has been on their books for so many years and sadly many seniors do believe this lie to include my own family circle). Try telling your family or in-laws that this is a lie and they will say “so what, why take a chance.”

OK, here it is Ms. Staples. You have “TRAITORS” in your midst. Yes, you have people that tell you they would “never” vote for a Republican and they are lying to you. They are “closet” Republicans. They have seen the great damages that the Democrats have shoved on them and they have had enough. They get up every day and go to work and they want just to get “fair” treatment and all they have been getting is “shafted” time and again. Find out what stations they are listening to on the radio and on TV. Sneak into their houses when they are gone and turn on the radio and the TV. MAKE SURE they are towing the line or they should face severe repercussions.

This is how Fidel did it and how Hitler did it and Hugo Chavez did it and now it is out and you know the truth. I know this will distress you greatly, but I could not allow you to go on any longer living a lie and believing those that have always agreed with you. CHECK THEM ALL OUT. ONE BY ONE. Force them to get back in STEP.

Punish them if they do NOT agree with you and do not rule out physical abuse “if” necessary. To continue to perpetrate this huge lie it will take every mindless believer you can find to march blindly into the fog of the unknown. You have done it for years now so I have faith you can continue if you just try hard enough. The truth will set you free I do hope.

Have a nice day,

Mike Byron

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