View cemetery annexation documents online

By Bill Petzold

CARO — Tuscola County residents may view the documents pertaining to an ongoing cemetery dispute for themselves online.

Representatives of the city of Caro and Indianfields Township each pleaded their case before members of the State Boundary Commission on Dec. 4 at the Tuscola Technological Center regarding the proposed annexation of the cemetery property at 350 Ellington St. in Caro. The township made a case as to why the cemetery should be annexed into the city, and the city made a case as to why the property should remain in the township.

Following that public hearing, each party had 30 days to file a rebuttal disputing the argument offered by the opposing side. That period was then filed by a seven-day period in which a second rebuttal could be offered to dispute the other party’s counter-argument.

When the seven-day rebuttal period has expired, the case will enter a three to five month adjudication period, during which the state boundary commission will review the evidence and make its decision.

Residents may take a gander at all the legal documents at the LARA website, michigan.gov/lara. The simplest way to find the documents is to google “LARA-active petitions,” then scroll down the page to Docket #13-AP-1 Tuscola County.

Readers will find copies of the petition, notice of filing, legal sufficency memo, documents involved the October 9 hearing, questionnaires explaining each side’s position, the 30-day rebuttals, and seven public comment items.

View the documents by clicking here. Scroll down the page until you see the docket number and Tuscola County.

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  • Scott

    I would like to see how much has been spent on this from Indianfields township and since Campbell has been in office a total of legal fees he has spent all together.

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  • william william

    The township is made of money anyway, they spend more on legal fees then any other township we know. Who is responsible for all that?

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