Caro business breaks ground for expansion

CARO — Community and State officials joined together Friday to celebrate the ground breaking expansion of locally owned business, Laser Marking Technologies LLC.
Senator Mike Green met with the Laser Marking Technologies LLC employees at their facility in Caro. Together they are embracing the expansion and anticipating the many ways in which it will increase business, productivity, and the company’s already vast versatility. They are anticipating — thanks to this expansion — to employ more workers at their facility and are currently accepting applications.
Laser Marking Technologies LLC is 1 of 3 company divisions: Laser Marking, Laser Machining, and Laser Measuring. Together these 3 divisions form The LMT Group.
For years Laser Marking Technologies LLC has been a world leader in the product identification field, offering American designed and produced machines, with the most cutting edge Automation technology available. Their Laser Marking Systems are among the most affordable on the market today. These systems are widely distributed both domestically and internationally by their worldwide network of distributors. They pride themselves on using the most advanced, state of the art technology from around the world, right here at their facility in Michigan.
More recently, they have focused their attention on the development of the Micro Machining and Measuring product lines.
Just last month at the EMO show in Hannover Germany, the Laser Machining division introduced their 3D Diamond System to the Laser World. It is a smaller, more cost effective version of their original Micro Machining System, the Diamond. These systems are designed for cold micro-machining of the most difficult materials: PCD, CBN, CVD-D, steel, aluminum, brass, tungsten carbide, ceramics, graphite, ruby, natural and man-made diamonds, and many other exotic and hard to machine materials.
The Measuring division is known for their Accu-Tool ™ System. This system is used for cutting tool inspection, and remains one of the most cost effective systems on the market today.
Laser Marking Technologies LLC is excited about this expansion and believes that it will further allow them the opportunity to develop even more advanced systems and continuous ingenuity for their customers.

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