These are different times for schools

Security systems, lockdowns, the talk of gun training for teachers in schools. So much has changed since I went to school.

Maybe I was just naive, and didn’t see the bad things happening around me in school, but what I remember is feeling safe.

We never worried that someone would come in with a gun and hurt us.

We had security cameras, but they were probably used more to keep us in line than to protect us from shooters.

Then Columbine happened.

I remember when people wearing trench coats were eyed suspiciously after the Columbine shooting. Everyone was more on edge.

Security was bumped up around schools and threats were handled more seriously.

In the nearly 15 years since Columbine, things have changed dramatically.

Now, a teen, not quite mature enough to understand, could make a text message or verbal threat and their lives could be ruined forever.

The elementary shooting in Newtown has now just amped everything up one more notch.

A week after the Newtown shooting, a six-year-old in Maryland pointed his finger like a gun and said “pow” at school, giving him a one-day suspension.

After reading that, I looked at my own three-year-old, pretending to shoot at things with his red water gun and I got nervous.

I wouldn’t want him to pretend to shoot anyone at daycare. He knows better than to pretend shoot at people, but just the thought that it could be taken the wrong way gives me a heavy heart.

He isn’t much younger than the six-year-old at the Maryland school. The news didn’t have many details on that case, there could have been more to that story than was released, but still.

It’s a scary time, and it’s really sad to see things have changed so much.

Talking to my parents, they remember playing cowboys and Indians on the playground at recess.

It’s a different and scary time now for our young children in school.

Let’s just hope the future looks brighter than what we’ve seen these last 15 years.

 Stacey Tucker is a staff writer for the Tuscola County Advertiser. She can be reached at

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