Local election results show some surprises

By Mary Drier

Staff Writer

TUSCOLA COUNTY — During Tuesday’s general election, there were some upsets with newcomers defeating incumbents, and some millage issues failed to pass.

The following numbers are still “unofficial” because of a question on two votes in Wells Township.

“I have a call into the bureau of elections on how they should be handled,” said Tuscola County Clerk Margie White, who is the county’s chief elections’ officer. “However they are handled, it won’t change the outcome of the election results.”

Overall, the election went fairly well.

According to White, there was a glitch at the Elmwood Township voting poll where votes were being counted twice, but that issue was resolved.

“During canvassing, the numbers only changed by one to two votes. There’s still the two Wells votes, but overall it won’t change the outcome,” said White.

Akron – Fairgrove Schools:

The two board seats went to newcomers Susan K. Samson with 680 votes and to Terry Coleman with 664 votes to edge out incumbent Jennifer L. Ronk who received 573 votes.

Millage request: the renewal of 18 mils for 10 years on non-homestead property passed with 781 yes votes to 575 no votes.

Akron Township:

Incumbents Joseph A. Kata (D) with 446 votes and Dennis Engelhard (R) with 382 were returned to office. William Sanders (D) received 271 voted.

For township treasurer, Brian K. Ritchey (R) received 361 votes, and write-in Deana Jocoby received 214 votes.

Arbela Township:

In the race for supervisor, a newcomer edged out a veteran incumbent. Ken Penak (D) received 839 votes while incumbent Joe White (R) received 663 votes. White has been supervisor for 16 years, and his defeat could leave the township without an assessor because he did both jobs.

Treasurer – Incumbent Jody Hunt (R) received 760 votes while newcomer Terri Reinert (D) received 718 votes.

The two trustees seats go to incumbent William Jacobi (D) with 774 and to Wayne Schultz (D) with 778.

And, Gary Woelziein (R) received 681 vote, and Gary Rooney (R) received 537 votes.

Millage proposal: The renewal up to 1 mill for five years for road repair and construction passed with 813 yes votes to 629 no votes.

Caro Schools District:

The two, six-year board seats go to incumbent Henry L. Knier Jr. with 2,066 votes and to newcomer Robert D. Fetting, Jr. with 2,968 votes. John Vacanti received 1,863 votes.

Two, four-year seats go to incumbent Lisa Graf with 2,532 votes and to newcomer Paul Strasz with 2,263 votes. Greg Bringard received 2,172 votes.

Millage proposal: The request to renew 18 mills on non-homestead property for six years passed with 2,729 yes votes to 2,313 no votes.

Dayton Township:

For the two trustee seats, a newcomer edged out an incumbent. The seats went to incumbent Robert W. Steele (R) with 507 votes and to newcomer James Satchel (R) with 474 votes.

Incumbent Michael Mocniak (D) received 416 votes, and newcomer Robert Adams (D) received 315 votes.

Millage request: The millage request to levy 1 mill for five years for roads passed with 515 yes votes to 375 no votes.

Denmark Township:

Despite a strong bid from a newcomer an incumbent was able to retain his seat with a 16 vote margin. For supervisor, incumbent Don Petro (D) received 665 votes while Timothy R. Selle (NP) received 649 votes.

Millage request: The request for 1 mill for five years for law enforcement was soundly defeated with 1,207 no votes to 370 yes votes.

Village of Gagetown:

The village of Gagetown’s request to levy $3.50 for 10 to for public works past with 85 yes votes to 44 no votes.

Juniata Township: The second try to have an important road millage approved succeeded this time.

Millage request: The renewal of 2 mills for four years for roads passed with 486 yes votes to 357 no votes. Without this millage, the township would not have had enough money to be able to match the Tuscola County Road Commission’s $25,000 incentive to do road work.

Fairgrove Village:

For the four open seats on the ballot, the only one who filed was Bradley Phelps who received 156 votes for trustee.

Some of the other seats were able to be filled by write-in candidates. For president Tom Wassa received 26 write-in votes. He was serving on the board as a trustee.

Jessica Gehrls received 27 votes for trustee, and Duane Maguire received 21 votes for trustee. Gehrls have been serving as a trustee but hadn’t filed to seek re-election. And, Maguire had been serving as president and decided not to seek re-election; but then each later filed for the open seats. If they had not done so, the council may have lacked a quorum.

Gilford Township:

For supervisor, Inc. James E. Stockmeyer (R) received 265 votes to edge out Todd Averill (NP)  who received 121 votes.

The two trustee seats go to incumbents Nancy Keyes (R) who received 247 votes, and to Kent A. Houghtaling (R) who received 224 votes. And, Steve Cooper (NP) received 183 votes.

Indianfields Township:

By a 59 vote margin, incumbent William Campbell (R) was returned to the clerk’s position with 578 votes while Janine Ewald (D) received 519 votes.

The two trustee seats go to incumbent Robert G. Keilitz (D) who received 654 votes and Ron Woloshen (R)  received 632 votes. Daniel D. Zuzga (WI)  received 13 votes.

Kingston Township:

For treasurer, incumbent Mary Lou Wolak (D) received 347 votes fending off newcomer Deb Barrons (R) who received 263 votes.

Kingston Schools:

There was an upset in the race for Kingston School Districts Board of Education seats with newcomers defeating an incumbent.

The two seats go to incumbent Anthony Goss who received 613 votes and to L. Jeffery Phillips who received 816 votes. Incumbent Eugene “Tip” MacGuire received 553 votes.

Millington Township

A former Millington Township supervisor won a trustee seat to edge out an incumbent trustee.

The two board seats went to incumbent trustee Perry Green (D) who received 1,140 votes, and also to  Bob Worth, (R) who received 1,071. Those totals edged out incumbent trustee A.E. (Bud) Hoard (D) – who received 1,058 votes.

During this election, Worth decided to run to be a trustee instead of supervisor.

Millage request – The proposal to levy .3 of a mill for 10 years to fund ambulance and inhalator services was defeated by 65 votes with 1,046 no votes to 981 yes votes. l.

Millington Village:

The three trustee seats went to incumbents Terry David Springsteen who received 215 votes, to Jessica Bassett  who received 279 votes, and to Shannon Bonadurer who received 221 votes. While newcomers Barbara J. Maxfield (NP) received 184 votes, and Terry David Springsteen received 215 votes.

Millington Schools:

There was an upset in the race for Millington School District’s Board of Education with a newcomer edging out one of the incumbents.

The two, four-year seats went to incumbent Dean Hennessy who received 1,631 votes and to newcomer Gary Shreve who received 1,538 votes. While incumbent Dale Collins received 1,290 votes and Matt Slough who received 1,465 votes.

For the one, two-year seat, Vance Hickey received 2,696 votes.

Novesta Township:

Despite having some seats open during the initial filing, several candidates filed later as nonpartisan candidates.

For supervisor, newcomer Ralph A. Zinnecker (NP) received 310 votes to edge out newcomers David Field (NP) who had 65 votes and Wade M. Kappen (NP) who had 178 votes.

For treasurer, Valerie A. Peters (NP) received 319 votes to against Danielle Dickson (NP) who had 191 votes.

The two trustee seats went to Marlene A. Sieradski (D) who had 334 votes and to David K. Little (NP)  who had 343 votes. Bob Dickson (NP) had 178 votes.

Millage request: The request to levy 1 mill for three years for roads was defeated by 152 votes in a tally of 370 no votes to 218 yes votes.

Reese Village:

For two trustee seats, incumbents Denise Fielbrandt received 515 votes and Pete Bouvy received 544 votes. And, John Weber received 507 votes.

Reese Schools:

Two trustee seats,  Jill Lynch received 1,322 votes, and write-in candidate Dawn Kalkman received 37 votes for the one seat that had been open on the ballot.

Unionville Village:

Incumbent John Katnik, who was the only candidate for one of the three trustee seats, received 187 votes.

Two seats remain open.

Vassar Township:

For supervisor, incumbent Bob Forbes (D) received 901 votes to edge out Bruce Foether (R) who received 770 votes.

Vassar Schools:

The three board of education seats go to incumbents Jill Baase who received 2,054 votes, to Ben Guile who received 2,364 votes, and Russell Hubbard who received 2,160 votes. And, Kortney Peppler received 1,668 votes.

Watertown Township:

For supervisor, incumbent Danny Quertermous (D) received 523 votes to fend off challenger Ruby Annette Stark (R) who received 430 votes.

For clerk, incumbent Barbara Tanks (D) received 607 votes to retain her seat. Newcomers Wendy Milot (NP) received 136 votes and Stephanie Ogg (NP) received 99 votes.

The two trustee seats go to incumbents Samuel Fackler (R) who received 592 votes and to Frank Phillip Worvie (R) who received 500 votes. And, Billie J. Dhooghe (NP) received 224 votes.

Wisner Township:

In Wisner Township, a newcomer edged out a veteran trustee.

The two trustee seats go to incumbent Vickie Jo Vader (R) who received 223 votes and to newcomer Edward Lee Duke (D) who received 190 votes. And, incumbent Carol E. Jacoby (D) received 167 votes.

Millage request: The request to levy 1.75 mills for 2013-2017 for ambulance and fire protection services passed with 241 yes votes to 108 no votes.

Mary Drier is a staff writer for the Tuscola County Advertiser. She can be reached at drier@tcadvertiser.com.

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