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Editor, Advertiser:

As a retired Brigadier General and the former Deputy Commander of the Michigan Army National Guard I have become especially fond of our modern day service men and women. Our soldiers, Airmen and Marines do not serve because they have to serve, they were not drafted like so many in my age group were, they volunteered to serve. They did that for a variety of reasons but at their core it was because they believe it is the right thing to do.

They serve because they believe in our country, they believe in our state, our nation and in our local communities. They serve out of a strong sense of duty and a desire to do their part to keep our land safe and strong. They have learned somehow that there are things in this world far more important than the individual. They willingly place the good of us all ahead of their own personal good and temporarily give up everything they want to serve the rest of us. All their personal wants and desires go on hold so they can serve a much higher cause. They set aside their individual good and volunteer to go into harm’s way. They do all of that because it is the right thing to do. That is the kind of ethics, morals and values that make ours the greatest nation on earth.

Brian Ritchey is a person who did all that. Brian volunteered for the US Army and he served a combat tour in the Balkans. He continues to serve today as a decorated police officer. When no one else expressed the desire to serve as the Akron Township Treasurer, Brian Ritchey did not hesitate, he stepped up once again to serve his neighbors in the best way he can. Brian took the time away from his family and his other duties to fill out the necessary paper work and get his name placed on the ballots. Brian is well qualified for the position of Akron Township Treasurer with his experience, his good character and a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration.

I believe our representatives at every level of government should have their positions because they believe it is a service to their neighbors, state and country, not out of a desire for power, notoriety or some political agenda and not because it is a job. Brian Ritchey has proven himself to be a person who does what he does because he is service oriented. He does what he does because it is the right thing to do. Brian Ritchey is the kind of person I want representing me at the local level.

BG (RET) Roger Allen

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