Caro Post Office holds special memories

Editor, Advertiser:
A good friend sent me your article “The Caro Post Office: A Short History.” I enjoyed reading the history of the many stages it took to develop what we now know as the US Postal Service.
It was a disappointment to me that my father, John Turner, was mentioned only by name. He was Postmaster from the Harry S. Truman presidency until his retirement shortly before his death in 1977.
I spent many hours in that building and enjoyed seeing the picture of the familiar mural. It should be noted that the building and mural were made possible by FDR to provide jobs for construction workers and artists, as well as many others to help the country recover from the great depression.
As an aside, I might mention that many years after my father’s death, Wendell Allen became my much-loved stepfather. I will return for my husband’s 55th class reunion from Caro High School this summer and will again visit the Caro Post Office and travel down memory lane.
Lana Turner Brock

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