Lawsuits settled in township

Editor, Advertiser:
The two most recent lawsuits filed by former Vassar Township clerk Renae Schnettler against supervisor Bob Forbes and the township board have been dismissed by the Tuscola County 54th Circuit Court judge on May 21, 2012 as having no merit.
On Aug. 2, 2011, the residents had their say and voted to recall clerk Renae Schnettler.
On Sept. 11, 2011, the former clerk filed charges with the Michigan State Police alleging election law violations by the recall group for literature put in the packets distributed to residents of the township. After reviewing the contents in the packets, the Executive Office, Treasury Department and Tuscola County Clerk’s Office said that no election laws were violated. The letters from the Executive Office and State Treasury were authentic.
On Nov. 17, 2011, the former clerk filed charges with the state of Michigan Bureau of Elections against the recall group for alleged violations of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act. After reviewing the evidence submitted, the department concluded that the recall group had not violated any laws and as a result this complaint was also dismissed. The department’s file in this matter has been closed and no further enforcement action will be taken.
We are still waiting for an apology from WNEM TV 5 for reporting a story on July 29, 2011 prior to the recall election alleging that our recall group may have violated election laws. That story could have sabotaged the recall effort.
Vassar Township now has a new clerk, Michael Clinesmith. Order is now returning to township meetings, records are being put back in order and fire runs are being collected. All this despite the many legal threats by the former clerk, numerous groups and agencies agree that her claims are without merit. Justice has been served.
Bob Forbes,
Vassar Township Supervisor

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