Tax the rich, end the war

Editor, Advertiser:
I read an article in the “American Free Press” where a former retired Navy Commander was arrested for speaking out. Leah Bolger, a resident of Oregon, was taking part in the Occupy D.C. After listening to the testimony of the director of the Congressional Budget Office, Mrs. Bolger interrupted the speaker because he was speaking dangerous pro war propaganda. The Retired Naval Commander, Mrs. Bolger, can be seen holding a sign that reads “Tax the Rich. End the War.”
Mrs. Bolger was planning to plead guilty to the charge of unlawful conduct — Disruption of Congress at a hearing — to make her point, and appeared before Judge Stuart Nash in the Superior Court of D.C. on April 12, 2012.
Mrs. Bolger said to the judge: “I have come to understand what millions of Americans already know — that the actual majority will of the people is of little concern to those in power. We can demonstrate and petition and write letters until we are blue in the face, but those actions are virtually worthless, as we can’t compete. Our voice is drowned out by the power of the money coming from the lobbyist and corporate interest. Money equals speech.
The judge sentenced Bolger to a suspended 60 days incarceration sentence, although the maximum penalty for her charge is six months in jail and/or a $750 fine, Nash ordered her to perform 20 hours of community service and sentenced her to nine months probation. The judge also ordered her to pay a $50 fine, but she resisted.
The courtroom had several “Veterans for Peace” and a packed out courtroom that offered to pay her court fine. Mrs. Bolger asked the court to impose no fine, as she believed that no one should have to pay for permission to speak to our government. The judge agreed with her and although she was ordered to stay away from Capitol Hill at their request, the judge denied their request. Mrs. Bolger was allowed access to Capitol Hill whether they like it or not.
I read the article in the “American Free Press” page 4 issue 7/18 and I agree with her. We should tax the rich and end the war.
As ever,
Larry A. Phillips

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