My money is on O-G

Editor, Advertiser:
To answer Ronald Martin’s question regarding larger schools creating mismanagement and bribery, I recently read, in this forum, that a former superintendent of the Caro school district, one of the largest districts in the area, bought a large piece of property for many more times than it was worth. To me, that sounds like mismanagement and/or bribery.
I also believe it was you, Mr. Martin, who put these words in this forum, about your former superintendent.
Compare this to a tenacious Owendale-Gagetown school district, completely debt-free, a school I proudly can say I graduated from. One of the smallest school districts, yet a district that turned out during my era college professors, school teachers, high ranking bank officials, doctors, even a few state employees who legitimately retired.
In a later era, I believe the editor of a local newspaper in Caro is an Owen-Gage grad. I graduated from a school that instilled honesty, respect, a strong work ethic, and yes, tenacity in our beliefs.
Also a school, whose board, back then, was mainly successful farmers who refused to let larger surrounding districts dismantle our school. To compare Caro against Owen-Gage, even today, my money is on Owen-Gage. I think back then local school boards, honest or otherwise, knew their stuff. I think the same holds true today.
In closing, I nominate Ronald Martin for the next available seat at Caro schools. Also, I nominate Mike Byron for a seat on Cass City’s board.
Norm Parker
AFSCME Local 831
Cass City

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