How can they sleep at night?

Editor, Advertiser:
The Paul Ryan (GOP) budget which Mitt Romney has declared to be “marvelous” would impact millions of kids. The cuts would mean:
(1) 280,000 low income children would not receive free lunch or breakfast
(2) 22 million children would no longer get food from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
(3) The families of 5.5 million low income children would no longer get tax credits
(4) Four million children in 35 states would no longer be able to receive free or discounted childcare
(5) Protective services for 1.7 million children in 41 states would end
(6) Child abuse prevention and intervention would be cut for 640,000 children in 30 states
(7) Foster care for 451,000 children in 36 states would stop
With this budget, children will go to bed hungry, there will be more hidden child neglect and abuse cases and lack of foster care will result in homeless children. With this budget, how can Congress people sleep at night?
It is clear our government is not representing us. In government class I learned that America has a “representative government.”
Recently, Congress provided us with the fact that they really don’t represent what the majority wants. You see Congress rejected the “Buffet Rule” which sought fairness in the tax code so the richest Americans would pay at least as much, percentage wise, as middle class workers.
Also, those who were elected to represent us refused to pass a plan to end taxpayer funded subsidies for wealthy oil companies that are constantly making increasing profits from ever higher gasoline prices. National polls showed more than 70 percent of Americans were in favor of both bills. Such lack of action demonstrates who our Congress really represents.
Joan Chapin, Caro

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