Windmills cost jobs

Editor, Advertiser:
While President Obama, ex-Michigan Governor Granholm and even current Governor Snyder tout the creation of “Green Energy” jobs as the key to our future, not one of them has bothered to speak of the negative effects of using tax dollars to subsidize these projects.
I am speaking of windmills, solar panels, and bio-fuel production. All of these forms of energy production are extremely inefficient and would not be considered had it not been for millions, even billions of dollars of grants and subsidies from federal and state funding. We are now witnessing an invasion of windmills all over the Thumb area. Local township officials see only the tax revenue these projects would generate. Landowners see only lease money they will receive. Politicians make promises of new jobs for their constituents in exchange for votes.
There is, however, a flaw in their thinking that government intervention is necessary to create jobs when, in fact, the opposite it true. Only when government regulates less and taxes less does it create sustainable job growth. For the government to give anyone money it must first take that money from someone else. Individuals purchase less goods and services and are less likely to start a new business when they are taxed more. Businesses purchase less equipment and put off expanding their facilities.
Power companies are being forced to buy electricity from these costly methods of producing power because state and federal government has mandated it be done. Consumers will pay up to 50 percent more for electricity just as has occurred in Spain in recent years. Higher energy cost forces industries to look to other countries with lower energy cost to manufacture their products in order to compete in a world market.
One study, by an economics professor, showed that for each job created by these alternative energy sources 2.2 jobs were lost elsewhere in the economy. Spain spent some $774,000 for each job created with “green energy” subsidies. The study also showed that of all the jobs created by the construction, fabrication and installation of “green energy” projects, only one-tenth are of a permanent nature with most of those jobs held by other than local residents. Is it any wonder why much of Europe is halting the subsidizing of many of these projects.
We have already seen many of these “green” industries in the USA go bankrupt taking our tax dollars with them. There will be many more as state and federal governments realize it makes no economical sense to fund them. As these bankruptcies occur the contracts with landowners will be re-written at new lower payouts. Townships will be forced to settle for tax abatement for many years. Our electric bills will skyrocket as utility companies seek to recover their losses.
All this predicated on the hoax of global warming and the unmitigated power of the EPA to regulate everything including the very air that we humans exhale.
Robert Stoick

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