Repeal of marijuana prohibition

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A coalition of Michigan parents, teachers, attorneys, physicians, health professionals, former law enforcers and many other people from all walks of life are putting together a voter ballot initiative to repeal marijuana prohibition in Michigan. The 2012 Michigan Ballot Initiative to End Marijuana Prohibition will give Michigan citizens the opportunity to vote on the repeal of Marijuana Prohibition.
We enacted the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA) in 2008 to protect patients from criminal prosecutions. Instead of regulating the medical marijuana industry (like Colorado did) our State Attorney General, law enforcement, activist judges and our state legislators have done everything they can think of to destroy the new law.
State registered patients and caregivers have been viciously attacked and prosecuted by the state. The voters did not intend for the state to spend millions of tax dollars to prosecute patients and caregivers and attempt to destroy the new law.
This coalition examined all the options. They thought about strengthening our current Medical Marijuana law. They discussed decriminalization and concluded that whatever they did the state would try to destroy our new effort the same way that they did with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.
Thanks to the current effort by AG Bill Schuette and company to destroy the MMMA, Michigan could be the first state to repeal marijuana prohibition.
Michigan prohibited alcohol in 1919. In 1933 the U.S. Government recognized the connection between high crime rates and prohibition. A state convention with one delegate from each state house district voted 99-1 to repeal alcohol prohibition. The following year Michigan had a 70 percent drop in homicides.
The violence carried out by the likes of Al Capone was minor compared to the violence that is created by marijuana prohibition. As soon as we enacted marijuana prohibition the murder rates skyrocketed the same way they did when we tried to prohibit alcohol. Crime rates will drop if we succeed in our effort to right a very serious wrong by repealing marijuana prohibition.
The repeal of marijuana prohibition in Michigan will reduce criminal gang activity, reduce access of marijuana by minors. It will promote agriculture and create jobs by creating a new hemp industry and reduce the burdens of an overpopulated prison system, increase better relations between people and law enforcement and law enforcement will have more time and resources to focus on real crime where there are actual victims.
We’ve spent over one trillion tax dollars and arrested over 20 million people for marijuana. Drug use with school children and adults has increased every year along with our drug war budget. Our school budgets have been gutted to the point that there is no more room to cut. Repealing marijuana prohibition will free up millions of tax dollars to help shore up our school finances.
Colorado Representative Jared Polis recently called on Congress to end the prohibition on marijuana. Rep. Polis said “We’ve seen the benefits across the board, as a job creation engine in Colorado”. Polis predicted that national legislation was on the horizon, but said “states must lead the charge”. “It’s a critical and important time for advocacy at the national stage,” he said. “The more states that create a regulatory structure around marijuana production and sales, the more pressure there will be on Congress nationally”.
The undertaking by the coalition working to repeal marijuana prohibition will be an enormous undertaking. We need thousands of volunteers to circulate petitions in order for this to become a reality. The 30-year-
old and younger crowds are being targeted in this war and they are the ones that will have to step up to the plate to help make this happen. You need to volunteer to help collect signatures and to recruit other volunteers. My generation brought an end to the Viet Nam war through peaceful demonstrations and your generation will bring an end to the war being carried out against you under the disguise of marijuana law.
Bill Schuette has many prohibition allies with very deep pockets. Bill Schuette and company will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on negative and dishonest ads against the repeal of marijuana prohibition. We do not have financial backing to counter their ads, so we will need donations to combat the negative and false advertising that will surely come from our opponents.
Go to now and volunteer to help collect signatures or to donate money for this effort, because if we fail with this effort the violent and unprovoked attacks against innocent people who choose a safer alternative (marijuana) to alcohol, will continue.
Bob Wood

6 thoughts on “Repeal of marijuana prohibition

  1. ive me a break. Michigan Medical Marijuana. now read that again.i bet the only word stuck out was the MARIJUANA. how about the MEDICAL. it’s don’t matter who like’s it or not it is LEGALIZED.there is rules to fallow along with it. TO EVERYONE. civilian ,cop or the President of the United didn’t think that everyone is an angel did you? regardless of the fact it’s Marijuana is still safer to use. what can be more safer than a plant that god put on earth for man to use?
    Vicodin=Blurred vision; constipation; difficulty breathing; dizziness; drowsiness; flushing; lightheadedness; mental/mood changes; nausea; vomiting.Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); anxiety; change in the amount of urine; change or loss in hearing; fear; interrupted breathing; mental or mood changes; unusual tiredness.
    Oxycontin= shallow breathing, slow heartbeat;seizure (convulsions);cold,clammy skin;confusion;severe weakness or dizziness; or feeling light-headed, fainting.
    alcohol=Alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream, physically affecting the whole body. Some illnesses and health problems caused by alcohol include:
    Hangovers. Headaches, nausea, vomiting, aches and pains all result from drinking too much. Drinking to the point of drunkenness makes you sick. Weight gain. Alcohol is not water. A beer has about 150 “empty” calories that provide few if any nutrients.High blood pressure. Along with being overweight, high blood pressure is associated with many serious health problems.Depressed immune system. Impaired immunity makes you more likely to contract viral illnesses such as flu and infections.
    Cancer. 2-4% of all cancer cases are related to alcohol. Upper digestive tract cancers are the most common, hitting the esophagus, mouth, larynx, and pharynx. Women who drink prior to menopause are more likely to develop breast cancer. Your risk of skin cancer doubles if you drink slightly more than “moderate levels.” Some studies implicate alcohol in colon, stomach, pancreas and lung cancer. And let’s not forget the liver…
    Liver disease. Heavy drinking can cause fatty liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis and cancer of the liver. The liver breaks down alcohol at the rate of only one drink per hour.
    Alcohol poisoning. Drinking large amounts can result in alcohol poisoning, which causes unconsciousness and even death. Breathing slows, and the skin becomes cold and may look blue. Don’t let a person in this condition “sleep it off.” Call 911.
    Heart or respiratory failure. Excessive drinking can have serious results. Heart or respiratory failure often means death.
    Other long-term effects of heavy alcohol use include loss of appetite, vitamin deficiencies, stomach ailments, sexual impotence, central nervous system damage, and memory loss.
    AFTER READING ALL THAT HOW IS IT SAFER TO GIVE THE PEOPLE prescription drug THAT KILL ??? come on gave me a break we all know that the top three things i named are the TRUE killers and the top three that’s on the streets but you don’t read that as breaking news now do you? you see a family killed in a car accident its from a drunk driver NOT a Medical Marijuana user. why don’t you put your energy in to banding alcohol and save over a million people and kids . there go’s more then half the crime rate. but it’s sad to say that it will never happen why? because then there will be less jobs over populated . but i am sure if it was your wife and baby killed over a drunk you would be on that . leave the
    Michigan Medical Marijuana law alone and fight for a life, not a plant that god created and saved a life from cancer.know your FACTS ALL YOUR FACTS…..

  2. Bob Wood hits the nail on the head!! At 64 years of age,and being a Cannabis grower & consumer for 46 years of my life,I’ll NEVER understand what makes anyone think that they have a right to tell me what kind of PLANT (not a drug!!) that I can grow, or what I can put into MY OWN BODY as long as I am hurting no one in the process.THIS IS MY GOD-GIVIN RIGHT TO DO SO!!

  3. I agree bobhuge. It is an industry that needs to be regulated.

    The whole idea behind ending prohibition is for the government to regulate, tax and control the sales of the nations #1 cash crop so that the cartels won’t be controlling it anymore.

    It will make it harder for children to obtain marijuana if it is regulated. School children all across the U.S.A. claim that it is easier to obtain marijuana than cigarettes or alcohol.

    I think that the name “controlled substance act” is laughable. Our government has no control over it at all, even after all the tax dollars we have thrown at prohibiting it.

  4. It sure seems like the government has overcomplicated it. One of two things, I believe.

    1) If you’re going to sell it on a prescription basis, simply sell it at pharmacies.
    2) Hence you have to have farms. OK. Here’s where some regulation needs to take place. Not enough time or space to discuss. However, simple to manage, I would think.


    1) Legalize it as a whole and regulate as you do alcohol. I don’t want kids to have access to it.
    2) You can grow, but can sell. Nevertheless, if the government allows sales…onto number 3
    3) Hence you have to have farms. OK. Here’s where some regulations needs to take place. Not enough time or space to discuss. However, simple to manage, I would think.

    Anyway, I would sign a petition to begin the process. However, you can’t let the kids run the candy store. Unfortunately, there needs to be some rules. Just not the current ones.

    Just my thoughts, I’ll always have more of those. 🙂

  5. Yes Rich, the reason that you do not hear any factual content from the ant-marijuana groups is because there isn’t any facts to hold up their side of the debate.

    With the information available on the internet any of the old arguments from our government is easily debunked. They got away with lying to the people all these years because we didn’t have access to truth.

    I hope that we get the type of support that we need from the people with skin in the game. You know, the people that use marijuana, or have been busted, or have had one of their children or grandchildren arrested, jailed or killed by police carrying out the drug war.

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