Michigan State Police Caro Post activity in Tuscola County March 27-April 2

March 27

Trooper was dispatched to Vickory Road, Juniata Twp. for a malicious destruction of property (vehicle.) Complainant stated that he was followed home by a white-colored pickup. When he arrived home, the driver of the vehicle, a female got out of the pickup and threw rocks at his vehicle, damaging his vehicle in the rear.

Trooper was dispatched to Engelhart Road, Novesta Twp.  for a property dispute. Trooper contacted the complainant and discovered he was in the process of taking his neighbor to court over a property line dispute. Trooper cleared.

March 28

Trooper was dispatched to a car/deer incident on Colwood Road, Indianfields Twp.

A sergeant stopped a vehicle on Mertz Road, Indianfields Twp. for failure to move over for a stationary emergency vehicle. The sergeant was clearing a traffic stop when a pickup passed by him very close to the vehicle at a rate of speed. A stop was conducted on this vehicle. A warrant request was submitted for the driver for failure to move over for an emergency vehicle, operating a vehicle without security, improper use of a registration plate and operating an unregistered vehicle.

A sergeant was dispatched to check the well-being of the complainant’s sister who has not answered her phone on Hurds Corner Road, Wells Twp. Contact was made with the sister who said she was in good health and would contact her brother.

March 29

Troopers was dispatched to Lanway Road, Koylton Twp.  for a noise complaint and large gathering. Troopers wen to the residence and prior to their arrival they could hear loud music coming from the residence. They contacted the owners and advised them to turn the music down. Also at the residence were two other individuals who did not reside at the residence. They were told about the governor’s executive order to stay at home and they stated they were going home.

Trooper was dispatched to a well-being check on Bruisee Road, Caro. The caller stated that he has not talked with his wife in over a week. He stated it was not unusual for his wife to take off for a week, and does not have any information she is in danger. The officer checked several residences and contacted several people by telephone and was unable to locate. The officer received a call the following morning from the wife and advised she was well.

Troopers were dispatched to Akron Road, Ellington Twp. for a verbal dispute. The wife called dispatched stating her husband would not let her drive the vehicle. The trooper told both parties that custody of the truck is a civil issue. The husband allowed the wife to take the vehicle.

Troopers were dispatched to Bay City Forestville Road, Unionville for a child abuse complaint. Troopers interviewed the biological mother to the victim. She stated that when her son returned home from his father’s house for the weekend he had bruises on his arm caused by his father. The incident is under investigation.

Trooper was dispatched to a stolen motorcycle complaint on Hurds Corner Road, Elmwood Twp. Trooper met with the complainant who stated his cycle was stolen from his brother’s shed where he stores it. The last time he saw his 1983 Yamaha was three weeks ago. The incident is under investigation.

March 30

Trooper was dispatched to Fairgrove Road, Akron Twp. for an alarm at Kirk’s Supply. The trooper met with the owner who stated he accidentally triggered off the alarm.

Trooper was dispatched to Perimeter Road, Elkland Twp. for a neighbor dispute between a father and son. Both subjects were interviewed and arguing about trash in the yard. No assaults took place. Both agreed to go into their own residence for the night.

Troopers were dispatched to assist Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office with a domestic complaint. Subject was arrested by Tuscola County and lodged.

Troopers were dispatched to Denhoff Road, Koylton Twp. for a welfare check. The caller (father) stated he was attempting to get in contact with his 5-year-old daughter by calling his ex-wife. He was not able to contact her throughout the night. Contact was made, and the message was delivered.

Troopers were dispatched to a verbal dispute on Akron Road, Ellington Twp. The complainant stated that her ex-husband took her car keys and would not let her drive the vehicle. Trooper advised complaint was civil, ex-husband agreed to return the keys back to her.

March 31

No reports.

April 1

Central dispatch sent out an area be-on-the-lookout for a Ford F-150 pickup with a gas pump nozzle hanging from the gas tank. This vehicle was also involved in an accident where they had fled the scene. A trooper located this vehicle on M-46 near Kirk Road in Juniata Township. Contact was made with the driver who failed sobriety tests. She was arrested for driving under the influence of a controlled substance. The trooper drew blood from the driver and she was lodged at Tuscola County Jail. 

Troopers were dispatched to a car/deer incident on Mertz Road, Fremont Twp.

Troopers were dispatched to a retail fraud complaint at Caro Walmart. Dispatch put out a be-on-the-lookout for a Buick Encore that was suspected in a retail fraud. The troopers located the vehicle on M-81 and followed it to the Speedy Q gas station In Reese. The troopers confirmed the caller had a registration plate that did match the vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle started to enter the station when they were stopped and advised of the detainment. Interviews revealed the suspect took three grocery carts of merchandise at the Walmart store without paying. Investigation was turned over to the Caro Police Department. 

Troopers were dispatched to Bay City Forestville Road, Wisner Twp. for a domestic dispute. No additional information.

Troopers were dispatched to Tri-County Equipment, Indianfields Twp. for an alarm. Troopers checked the building and found the alarm was set off unintentionally.

April 2

Troopers were dispatched to Riley Road, Wells Twp. for a domestic assault complaint. Contact was made with both parties and it was determined the case was civil and no assault occurred.

Troopers were dispatched to Kilmore Road, Fremont Twp. for a civil dispute involving the exchange of horses. The complainant was meeting her business partner to exchange horses and she was worried the situation could escalate. Troopers stood by as the exchange took place.

Trooper was dispatched to a possible domestic assault on Vassar Road, Gilford Twp. Trooper went to the location and after additional investigation it was determine a child accidentally called central dispatch.

Trooper was dispatched to four-wheelers riding on the roadway on Elmwood Road, Akron Twp. Trooper contacted the complainant who stated that he was fearful that his daughter might get hit by one of the four-wheelers. Trooper contacted the individuals on the four-wheelers and educated them about the safety and being courteous to their neighbors when riding the machines. 

Trooper was dispatched to Gage Street, Gagetown  for suspicious situation. Complainant stated that someone was hacking her social media accounts. She blamed her ex-boyfriend who denied it.

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