(Photo by John Cook) A new bar, new woodwork and new tables are part of recent renovations to Willow Springs Golf & Country Club of Vassar Township. The restaurant now includes a full menu, whereas it previously served a limited assortment of appetizers, hot dogs and sandwiches.

Renovations complete at Vassar Township golf course

A new-and-improved experience awaits customers of Willow Springs Golf & Country Club.

In November, the golf course once owned by Ken and Bonnie Moore was purchased by Donna Harvey and her son, Allen Harvey. This past spring, they began renovating the business. And now, the upgrades are complete.

A full-menu restaurant will serve as the biggest change.

“In the past, they did food like appetizers and hot dogs, but now, we are a full-operation kitchen,” said Willow Springs operation manager Betty Burley.

Burley said flatbread pizzas, burgers, wings and steak are among the most popular items.

Head course superintendent Scott Owitz concurred.

“The flatbread pizzas are really good, and the burgers are awesome,” Owitz said. “It’s good, good food. It’s something that’s been missing (from the business).

Renovations at the golf course, 7335 Oak Road in Vassar Township, began in early May, Burley said. Now, the business is looking to attract customers year round.

“Last year, it’s not that the public couldn’t come, but the restaurant sold limited food,” Burley said. “So now, we are getting a lot more customers. We’re trying to get the word out that this isn’t just for golfers, anyone can come in and eat.”

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., but the bar remains open until 10 p.m. when customers can still get a few food items, such as appetizers and pizza, Burley said.

And the restaurant will remain open long after golf season is over.

“We really want the public to know that we’re open seven days a week and we have a full menu, a full bar and have a room open for parties,” Burley said. “And we’re going to be open throughout the winter.”

In addition to the restaurant improvements, Willow Springs has constructed a new wooden bar, long enough to seat about 20 patrons. There is also a dining area at the back of the restaurant, dubbed “Harvey’s Loft” after the new owners, which can be used for various events.

“We had my daughter’s open house here,” Owitz said. “We’ve had wedding showers, graduations… Plus, we have the new patio so you can eat outside now.”

The outdoor patio has been added to the mix, allowing folks to enjoy drinks while watching the golfers take their swings, or enjoy a meal under the summer sun.

The 18-hole golf course also in undergoing some changes.

“What we’ve done is add a couple of tee boxes to each hole,” Owitz said. “And we’re going to continue lengthening some holes, along with other groundwork.”

Golf courses typically have three tee boxes – one each for pro-level golfers, amateurs and women. Some courses have more tee boxes. The ones added to Willow Springs are for seniors and senior women. Owitz said he has heard positive feedback from older golfers.

The golf side of the business includes more than 200 memberships, while the restaurant employs about 20 workers, Burley said, adding that Willow Springs will host an open house event in a couple of months.

John Schneider is editor of The Advertiser. He can be reached at john@tcadvertiser.com.

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