(Photo courtesy of the Caro Fire Department) Both drivers were injured in this two-vehicle crash that occurred 5:40 p.m. Monday on M-81 in Almer Township, about two miles east of Caro.

Multiple incidents keep first responders busy

Three incidents involving vehicles near Caro resulted in several injuries since Saturday.

At about 4 p.m. Saturday, the Caro Fire Dept. used the Jaws of Life to free a woman from her vehicle following a crash at the intersection M-24 and M-81 in Caro. The full report of the crash has not yet been released, but the drivers of both vehicles were taken by ambulance to local hospitals.

The female driver of one of the vehicles became trapped after deployment of her airbag, and due to impact damage to the driver-side door.

On Monday, a woman was injured during a mishap that occurred when folks were trying to push a vehicle onto a two-wheel trailer.

In a driveway on Evergreen Drive in Indianfields Township, residents were attempting to push a car onto a trailer that was attached to a Chevrolet Tahoe so it could be towed to a different location. Manpower was not enough however, so a pickup truck was used in an attempt to nudge the vehicle unto the trailer.

But unbeknownst to the pickup driver, a woman was still attempting to physically push the car onto the trailer. The woman was pushing the car by the opened passenger-side door, and when the pickup made contact with the car, it pushed too hard and the passenger door began to close after making contact with the wheel well, trapping the woman in between the door and the car.

The Jaws of Life were used by the Caro Fire Dept. to free the woman, who was injured and taken to a local hospital.

Later Monday, at about 5:40 p.m., two people were injured after a man driving a GMC Envoy pulled in front of oncoming traffic on M-81, about two miles east of Caro in Almer Township.

According to the Caro Fire Dept., the man had been driving east on M-81 and pulled over to the south side of the road to retrieve mail from his mailbox. He then crossed M-81 to pull into his driveway on the north side of the road and was struck by a westbound vehicle.

Both drivers were taken by ambulance to local hospitals. A child passenger in the westbound vehicle was not injured.

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