(Courtesy photo) Waylon Joseph (Joe) Tait and wife Jane. The two longtime Caro-area business owners will celebrate their 40th anniversary Sunday.

Longtime Caro business owners celebrate 40 years of marriage

For over 25 years, Tuscola County businesses Tait’s Auto Know How and Wiggles & Giggles Day Care have served the community.

But the owners of each business have been serving each other for much longer.

On Sunday, Waylon Joseph (Joe) Tait and wife Jane will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, as their businesses, and love for each other are as strong as ever.

“What it takes you to get to tomorrow is compassion, commitment and caring,” Joe said in a message to his wife. “Love you sunflower.”

The Taits (Joe is 58, Jane is 57) are from Cass City, where they were born in the same hospital and attended preschool together. They would reconnect during their teens while each lived in Caro, and married in 1978.

“We met each other a second time,” Joe explained.

During the early years of the union, the Taits traveled the country, living in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, California, New York, Nevada and Canada. They spent about 11 years in Florida.

“We traveled a lot, we went through vehicles like crazy. That’s why I became a technician,” Joe said. “But we ended up coming home, like people always do.”

About 28 years ago, Joe Tait founded his auto repair shop. It was located in Kingston, but about 15 years ago he moved it to the Caro area.

Tait’s Auto is presently located at 1481 E. Dayton Road, in Indianfields Township.

“I started with a toolbox and a floor jack in a barn, and went to work,” Joe said. “I’ve worked for major dealerships, seven years for Tubbs Brothers (Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram), I worked for GMC for eight years when we were down in Florida.”

Tait’s Auto is a former Tuscola County Advertiser Reader’s Choice award winner.

A couple of years after Joe Tait opened his business, Jane become a business woman herself, opening Wiggles & Giggles, currently located at 101 Weeden Road, in Indianfields Township.

Although Joe admits “I can’t stay in one spot, I have to keep moving you know?” Jane and he have lived in the same home for the last 14 years.

The Taits have five children between the ages of 30-39 – Melissa, Richard, Nicholas, Jennifer and Kyle.

John Schneider is editor of The Advertiser and can be reached at john@tcadvertiser.com.

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