Caro considers entryway signs

Caro has $40,000 to spend on signs marking the entries to the city.

But the city council has yet to commit to a design.

In September, the city council received several design options from Shannon Mohr, a design principal at Zaremba and Co., a landscape design firm based in Pontiac. At that time, the council pared those options down to two. But Mohr also offered options within those two options. The signs could be constructed with Michigan fieldstone instead of split fieldstone in order to save the city some money.

The original plan was for the city to construct four signs at four different entrances to Caro, but, based on the costs, the council had decided to limit the purchases to two such signs.

Now, city manager Michael Silverman said, everything is back on the table.

With new people on the city council, Silverman said, a presentation was made at the Dec. 3 meeting regarding the signs and what had been decided so far. After looking at the two chosen designs, plus a third that Mohr told city officials fit more into the city’s $40,000 budget, the council decided to put everything back on the table.

One thing council members wanted was to be able to use local contractors to construct the signs.

None of the options, as proposed by Mohr, fit into the city’s original budget.

One option, Design C, would cost the city $51,000 if made with a split fieldstone column, or $47,645 with a cobblestone column. The other option Design D-2, would cost the city $43,230 if made with a fieldstone column and $40,715 if made with a cobblestone column.

And those costs would cover just one such sign.

Mohr’s other option, Design A, would cost $16,370 each to build. If the council were to choose that option, it could get two signs for $32,740, but four signs would cost $65,480.

The cost of lighting the signs was not included in any of the pricing.

If the council were to decide to build just two signs, Silverman said, the signs “should be placed at the entrances that have the highest volume and the least number of people familiar with the city of Caro.”

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