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A 28-year-old Caro man was killed in an accident involving a vehicle found overturned in the Cass River on Thursday .

Michigan State Police identified the driver as Trevor Pierce just before midnight.

The accident was reported at about 4 p.m. when the vehicle Pierce was driving at the time of the accident was found in the river at the bridge on North Hurds Corner, just north of Little Road in Tuscola County’s Ellington Township. Police say the vehicle was spotted in the water by someone driving by.

Emergency responders from Caro Fire Department, Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department, and Michigan State Police were on scene.

MSP Sgt. Harry Rice said police are working to determine the exact time the accident occurred.

He said MSP is using its advanced investigative team given the circumstances and number of variables unknown immediately after the accident.

Pierce was in the vehicle alone. He was wearing his seatbelt and alcohol is believed to have been a contributing factor, Rice said.

Caro Fire Chief Randy Heckroth oversaw immediate emergency response at the site.

Firefighters wore water gear allowing them to enter the water in circumstances similar to Thursday’s accident.

A video taken by The Advertiser shows the team working  to secure the vehicle and Pierce’s belongings after he had been moved to a nearby ambulance.

The vehicle was so badly damaged that it was initially hard to recognize the make and model while still partially submerged. Heckroth said he believes it was a Dodge Caravan.

The vehicle was removed from the water around 6 p.m.

MSP continues to investigate.


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