Ugly threads sew up prize for Mayville charity


Sue Marlow’s ugly Christmas attire produced a pretty result for the Mayville Area Share Shop, with Marlow’s employer donating $980 to the Share Shop after Marlow won the agency’s “Best of the Worst Christmas Attire” contest.

Knights Insurance Agency, 6468 Main St. in Cass City, donated $5 per vote to the charity of choice of the winner in the online contest. Facebook users cast 275 total votes in the event, won easily by Marlow, a Mayville Village Council member.

“We had planned on donating that ($5 per vote to the winner); I just didn’t quite expect that response,” said Amy Peters, co-owner of the agency where Marlow and four other workers competed in the contest Dec. 2.

“I guess if it grows so much that I’m going to have to start taking out loans, we’ll have to figure out something else, but until then, we’re OK,” Peters said.

Marlow wore a wacky sweater, tight-fitting pants bearing silhouettes of upside-down Christmas trees and various animals, and slippers made of garland.

“Sue worked very hard on her attire … and got very creative,” Peters said. “It’s amazing how bad you can look when you really try.”

The Share Shop operates from a storefront at 6037 Fulton St. in Mayville, assisting the needy with food, clothing and household items.

Knights Insurance Agency also donated $100 to the charities of choice of its four other employees in the contest.

Virgil Peters, Amy’s husband and co-owner of the agency, chose the Cass City Public Schools backpack program as recipient of the $100.

Amy Peters chose the Cass City Rotary Club’s Christmas for Kids project as recipient of $100.

Heidi Smith, an agent at the agency, chose “Love for Lexi,” a program that helps families of children with cancer, named for the late Lexi Smith, Heidi Smith’s daughter.

Rochelle Brown, also an agent for the agency, chose Revive Ministries, which provides food and clothes for those in need.

“All of these organizations need a little help, especially at this time of year,” Amy Peters said. “That’s what we’re put on this Earth to do – is help others, right?”

Computer users may view the photos of the contestants on the “Knights Insurance Agency” Facebook page. The photos received more than 11,000 views on Facebook, Amy Peters said.

Contestants wore their garish get-ups all day on Dec. 2.

“We do have work standards here as far as a dress code goes, so that was out of the norm,” Amy Peters said. “I walked around town wearing a red Christmas tree skirt that goes under the tree. I had a lot of errands to do, and had to go to the bank and different places. It was one of those moments where you really have to swallow your pride for something bigger than yourself.”

Tom Gilchrist is a reporter for The Advertiser and can be reached at

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