Police investigating ethnic intimidation in Tuscola County

Ethnic intimidation in Koylton Township
Police are investigating this “wall” put at the end of a driveway in Koylton Township the morning of Saturday, Nov. 12 (Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department photo)

Investigators from Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department are investigating a case of ethnic intimidation in Koylton Township – the latest example across the country tied to Donald Trump being elected President less than a week ago.

The alleged incident occurred in the early morning hours of Nov. 12 on Smith Road in Koylton Township, located in the southeast corner of Tuscola County and with a population of about 1,630.

A person described as being of “Mexican descent” awoke to find many boxes taped together and blocked the driveway. The boxes were painted in red spray paint with messages alluding to Donald Trump “taking back America” and “Mexicans suck.”

This balloon “doll” also was left at the scene. (Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department photo)

Police also found a doll made of balloons hanging nearby and vulgar graffiti spray painted on the driveway.

Tuscola County Undersheriff Glen Skrent said “This is a crime. This sort of thing will not be tolerated.”

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to call Tuscola County Sheriff’s Deputy Roland at 989-673-8161 extension 4056.

According to the unofficial vote count, Trump received 17,100 votes, or about 66 percent, in Tuscola County compared with Hillary Clinton’s 7,429, or about 29 percent.

In the wake of Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election, across the country there have been multiple reports of violence and vandalism tied to inflammatory comments the president-elect made about women, Hispanics and other minorities during his divisive campaign.

  • In Royal Oak, students at a middle school broke into chants of “build a wall” in a cafeteria as Latino children were reportedly crying. A report on the incident can be viewed here.
  • In Philadelphia, graffiti that included swastikas and Trump’s name with a message of “Sieg Heil 2016” was found spray-painted on the windows of an abandoned fur store. Police are investigating the incident.
  • In Minneapolis, the president-elect’s name was included in racist graffiti that was scrawled on the door of a high school bathroom. Specifically, “Trump Train” was written below “whites only,” “white America” and a vulgar message that included the N word. School officials said they are investigating.
  • In Durham, North Carolina., the message “Black lives don’t matter and neither does your votes” appeared on city wall Wednesday.
  • In San Francisco, a homeowner decided to fly a Nazi flag over his home following Trump’s triumph. It was later reported the owner was apparently flying it to make a statement against Trump. After he was confronted by an angry neighbor, Roeber removed the flag and replaced it with a rainbow flag in honor of gay pride.

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