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Election Day 2016: Tuscola County results

Donald Trump won Tuscola County, the city of Caro has a new mayor, and several area townships will be under new leadership after voters showed up to speak through their ballots on Election Day Tuesday.

There were 40 contested races, locally, for spots on city councils, village councils, township boards, school boards, and library boards. That number doesn’t include state or federal races.

The first precincts to report were from Columbia Township, just before 10 p.m. Tuesday. The last two precincts to report were from Vassar Township, when Clerk Michael Clinesmith delivered results just after 3 a.m. today.


Unofficial results from the election in Tuscola County can be viewed in the table below.

The biggest shake up locally was in the city of Caro, where write-in candidate Joe Greene soundly defeated incumbent Dick Pouliot 844-647. Greene made the decision to run as a write-in candidate just two weeks ago. The three council members up for reelection will return to their seats.

In Ellington Township, incumbent trustee Michael Wagoner was the lone survivor of the current board with Russell Speirs elected supervisor, Carmell Pattullo elected treasurer, Bobbie Mozden elected clerk and newcomer Gregg Campbell ousting Patrick Price by 112 votes.

Polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday, but Jodi Fetting, Tuscola County Clerk. said ballots in Tuscola County took longer to process due to more than 20 write-in candidates who filed throughout the county.

Fetting also said results were delayed because local clerks must physically deliver results to the Tuscola County Courthouse in Caro, whereas other areas have the capability to send results via Internet.

Yet another factor in delayed reporting was the impact of high voter turnout on the ability to count absentee ballots.

“Because of high voter turnout, the election workers couldn’t process the absentee ballots during the day,” Fetting told The Tuscola County Advertiser. “The workers had to wait until polls closed.”

For the most up-to-date figures, see the table below (numbers unofficial):

U.S. Presidential RaceCandidatePartyVote Count 
Donald J. Trump/Michael R. PenceRepublican17,421
Hillary Clinton/Tim KaineDemocrat7,493
Gary Johnson/Bill WeidLibertarian887
Jill Stein/Ajamu BarakaGreen216
Darrell L. Castle/Scott N. BradleyU.S. Taxpayers124
Emidio Mimi Soltysik/Angela Nicole WalkerNatural Law16
*100 percent
U.S. Congress (5th District)
Al HardwickRepublican4,534
Daniel T. KildeeDemocrat3,513
Steve SlukaLibertarian212
Harvey MikkelsonGreen135
U.S. Congress (10th District)
Paul MitchellRepublican10,557
Frank Accavitti Jr. Democrat4,345
Lisa Lane GioiaLibertarian549
Benjamin NofsGreen238
Michigan House of Representatives (84th District)
Edward J. CanfieldRepublican15,502
James WencelDemocrat8,526
Chuck StadlerWrite-in77
SheriffGlen SkrentRepublican18,414
ProsecutorMark ReeneRepublican18,419
ClerkJodi FettingRepublican18,406
TreasurerPatrician Donovan-GrayDemocrat14,622
Drain CommissionerRobert ManteyRepublican18,127
Road CommisionerMichael ZwerkRepublican16,285
Julie M. MatuszakRepublican16,142
Register of Deeds John BishopRepublican18,068
Commissioner (District 1)Thomas YoungRepublican3,751
Commissioner (District 2)Thomas BardwellRepublican3,499
Commissioner (District 3)Kim VaughanRepublican3,776
Commissioner (District 4)Craig W. KirkpatrickRepublican4,097
Commissioners (District 5)Matthew D. BierleinRepublican3,518
SupervisorDonald SchmuckRepublican544
ClerkJamie SchuetteRepublican534
Treasurer Deana JacobyRepublican551
Trustee (2 seats)Steve N. LinznerRepublican496
Kathryn SattelbergRepublican487
SupervisorJames ManteyRepublican714
ClerkPeggy ReaveyRepublican605
Bill GalkaNo party affiliation262
TreasurerPatricia A. WitkovskyRepublican784
Trustee (4)Jim TusseyRepublican639
Art GraffRepublican615
Jim RosenstangelRepublican601
Brian SchriberRepublican529
Charles DennisDemocrat414
Chris WilcoxWrite-in140
SupervisorJoseph B. WhiteRepublican754
Kenneth L. PanekDemocrat687
ClerkMary WarrenDemocrat1,017
TreasurerJody A. HuntRepublican1,092
Trustee (2)Wayne SchultzDemocrat879
William G. JacobiDemocrat865
SupervisorKathy TrischlerDemocrat397
ClerkChristine KolarDemocrat416
TreasurerChristine ParmenterRepublican508
Trustee (2)David J. DeSimpelareRepublican498
Dara McGarryRepublican393
SupervisorRobert J. CookRepublican608
Leo SchafkeDemocrat276
ClerkAmanda GusekRepublican687
TreasurerElanor KilmerRepublican724
Trustee (2)Robert W. SteeleRepublican628
Greg LotterRepublican596
SupervisorCharles J. HeinleinRepublican1,275
ClerkNancy HeinleinRepublican1,269
TreasurerDennis E. WeberRepublican1,259
Trustee (2)Steve SchwabRepublican1,200
Arnold F. KrumnauerRepublican1,149
SupervisorDaniel J. ErlaRepublican1,289
ClerkEdward LaBelleRepublican1,305
TreasurerCindy KruseRepublican1,327
Trustee (2)Tavis OsentoskiRepublican1,195
Terry MuntzRepublican1,157
SupervisorRussell SpeirsRepublican445
Duane LockwoodWrite-in147
ClerkBobbie MozdenRepublican364
Joddy EhrenbergDemocrat271
TreasurerCarmell K. PattulloRepublican420
Diane WilderWrite-in171
Trustee (2)Michael WagonerRepublican391
Gregg CampbellRepublican384
Patrick PriceDemocrat272
SupervisorChris GraffRepublican407
ClerkConnie McnaughtonRepublican406
TreasurerCheryl L. KilbournRepublican409
Trustee (2)Joan SattelbergRepublican380
Nicholas BlissRepublican372
SupervisorKeith A. AederRepublican609
ClerkKatie GebhardtRepublican376
Sarah R. DonovanDemocrat338
TreasurerJohn J. McQuillanDemocrat523
Trustee (2)Dennis J. HadewayRepublican563
Michael W. DayDemocrat418
SupervisorHenry J. WymoreRepublican948
Robert DeCoeDemocrat568
ClerkAmy L. HolbrookRepublican1,202
TreasurerCharles J. SherwinRepublican804
Candra FranzelDemocrat678
Trustee (2)Matthew BlattRepublican857
John WelkeDemocrat826
Ida BarronsDemocrat542
SupervisorJames E. Stockmeyer Sr.Republican309
ClerkRobert L. HainesRepublican311
TreasurerRuth Ann KaijalaRepublican313
Trustee (2)Kent A. HoughtalingRepublican282
Amanda GossNo Party Affiliation154
SupervisorRay RendonDemocrat710
ClerkChristine TrischRepublican858
TreasurerRobert OsbornRepublican880
Trustee (2)Ron WoloshenRepublican756
Cristi SmithNo Party Affiliation 436
SupervisorNeil A. JacksonDemocrat555
ClerkHeidi StarkRepublican617
TreasurerAndrew StarkRepublican606
Trustee (2)Elaine SchunnDemocrat435
Brenda Lee-Farnum WachnerNo Party Affiliation382
SupervisorWm. Jesse ZimbaDemocrat421
ClerkCarrie GilleyRepublican582
TreasurerMary Lou WolakDemocrat424
Trustee (2)Timothy RugglesRepublican532
Gary S. KingRepublican503
SupervisorDouglas R. KramerRepublican539
ClerkJames R. BorekRepublican553
TreasurerFaye StollRepublican543
Trustee (2)Justin BoylRepublican487
Kyle ThomRepublican455
Rex W. VromanWrite-in43
SupervisorTerry F. JonesDemocrat1,125
David NiggemeyerNo Party Affiliation 444
ClerkSheila HebnerRepublican1,632
TreasurerSharon KeinathRepublican1,633
Trustee (2)Robert Bob WorthRepublican1,274
Robert LoomisRepublican1,207
A.E. HoardDemocrat939
SupervisorChad D. DanielsNo Party Affiliation 416
ClerkJoann PetersDemocrat335
Bob DicksonNo Party Affiliation 191
TreasurerValerie A. Peters No Party Affiliation 435
Trustee (2)Jesse RobinsonNo Party Affiliation 336
Russel RienasNo Party Affiliation 317
SupervisorTod G. FacklerRepublican902
ClerkShelly HicksRepublican103
TreasurerRobert VerbeekRepublican899
Trustee (2)James B. RodammerRepublican825
Sarah BarberRepublican802
SupervisorBruce FoetherRepublican562
Bob ForbesDemocrat418
ClerkMichael ClinesmithRepublican718
Nancy ZuzulaWrite-in149
TreasurerJohn A. StackNo Party Affiliation651
Trustee (2)Lynn GrayRepublican646
Thomas BorcherdingDemocrat374
Samuel S. TesterDemocrat271
Janice ZawolNo Party Affiliation201
SupervisorFrank WorvieRepublican608
Danny QuartermousDemocrat357
ClerkMalisa PylesRepublican751
TreasurerTina TerBushDemocrat598
Trustee (2)Chloe A. ValentineRepublican646
Stephanie NelsonRepublican560
Boyd VollweilerDemocrat387
Supervisor Melvin L. WitkovskyDemocrat511
Clerk Karen VarneyNo Party Affiliation475
TreasurerPatricia GettelDemocrat523
Trustee (2)James KratzNo Party Affiliation295
Ronda BenjaminNo Party Affiliation255
Lorraine HergenrederNo Party Affiliation 206
Lori ZaweruchaNo Party Affiliation139
SupervisorJamie Lyn WarkRepublican261
Clerk Pamela ShookDemocrat229
TreasurerAnnette RieckDemocrat230
Trustee (2)Vickie VaderRepublican194
Katie MeyersDemocrat154
Aaron MallaisNo Party Affiliation 123
MayorJoe GreeneWrite-in844
Richard PouliotRepublican647
Council (3)Charlotte KishNo Party Affiliation811
Gordon TaggettNo Party Affiliation746
Brian RickwaltNo Party Affiliation 710
Herbert SheardyNo Party Affiliation558
Elizabeth McHughWrite-in384
Shelby Michael CampbellWrite-in69
Council (4)Dan AtkinsNo Party Affiliation 667
Dan StedryNo Party Affiliation601
Dan SurgentNo Party Affiliation590
Michael E. DammNo Party Affiliation581
PresidentJames L. DickinsonNo Party Affiliation45
Michael RuppalNo Party Affiliation39
Robert HillNo Party Affiliation25
Robert SodeNo Party Affiliation21
Kathy DaleckeNo Party Affiliation17
Trustee (3)Meredith LatimerNo Party Affiliation96
Teri NuszNo Party Affiliation83
Lisa SchneiderNo Party Affiliation82
Trustee (Partial term)Alvin VollmarNo Party Affiliation75
Kathy BraboWrite-in49
Cass City
PresidentCarl A. PalmateerNo Party Affiliation836
Trustee (3)Thomas HerronNo Party Affiliation618
Jenny ZawilinskiNo Party Affiliation603
Michael KimNo Party Affiliation560
Jefrey BenkelmanNo Party Affiliation495
PresidentTom WassaNo Party Affiliation181
Trustee (2)Tina WassaWrite-in17
Bradley S. PhelpsWrite-in13
Zandy BorodychukWrite-in12
Craig J. DowningNo Party Affiliation82
Paul HunterNo Party Affiliation78
Trustee (3)Edward RievertNo Party Affiliation76
June G. FritzNo Party Affiliation43
Lee OsborneNo Party Affiliation25
Brian WhisnantNo Party Affiliation22
PresidentRobin LaFondNo Party Affiliation118
Trustee (2)Patt RandallNo Party Affiliation93
Jeremy RomainNo Party Affiliation93
Barbara ValentineNo Party Affiliation 182
PresidentTony WindhamNo Party Affiliation154
Trustee (3)Sue AtkinsonNo Party Affiliation220
William BarkowskaNo Party Affiliation199
Steve CharetteNo Party Affiliation180
Elisia Anne WernerWrite-in22
PresidentGailan R. ReinertNo Party Affiliation163
Trustee (3)Jessica BassettNo Party Affiliation318
Jason GermainWrite-in51
Joan DeanWrite-in11
Trisha Annette SloughWrite-in11
PresidentPaul KeastNo Party Affiliation607
Trustee (3)Pete BouvyNo Party Affiliation389
John WeberNo Party Affiliation369
Brian WeihlNo Party Affiliation343
Denise FielbrandtNo Party Affiliation330
Jamie ComerNo Party Affiliation261
Trustee (Partial term)Douglas SquandaNo Party Affiliation616
PresidentJohn Edward KatnikNo Party Affiliation185
Trustee (3)Ralph E. RaschNo Party Affiliation178
Matthew PrimeNo Party Affiliation172
School Boards
Akron-Fairgrove (3)Terry ColemanNo Party Affiliation828
Susan SamsonNo Party Affiliation748
Galen D. SmithNo Party Affiliation746
Caro (2)Barb RuckleNo Party Affiliation3,223
Paul StraszNo Party Affiliation2,955
Cass City (4)Janet RichardsNo Party Affiliation1,597
Emily PhillipsNo Party Affiliation1,567
Janine MeekerNo Party Affiliation1,519
George Edgar BattyWrite-in50
Frankenmuth (3)Karen UeblerNo Party Affiliation164
Brandon J. MillerNo Party Affiliation128
David AbkeNo Party Affiliation117
Bridget Isquierdo SmithNo Party Affiliation59
Partial (1)Travis I. DafoeNo Party Affiliation107
Jason R. LipkaNo Party Affiliation69
Amy Cesar-YeartaNo Party Affiliation16
Kingston (1)Ray WolackNo Party Affiliation346
Lane WalkerNo Party Affiliation660
Sarah SchulerNo Party Affiliation290
Partial, 2-yearScott R. NeffNo Party Affiliation1068
Marlette (3)Nik WoodsNo Party Affiliation114
Jamie MacumberNo Party Affiliation102
Gina KraftNo Party Affiliation100
Scott A. ForbesNo Party Affiliation99
Nathan D. HagerNo Party Affiliation98
Neal W. BishopNo Party Affiliation91
Chris ClarkNo Party Affiliation76
Mayville (3)Nicholas BuggiaNo Party Affiliation1,601
Cindy S. CoxeNo Party Affiliation1,532
Pete MoceriNo Party Affiliation1,210
Millington (4)Dean R. HennesyNo Party Affiliation2,043
James Henderson Jr.No Party Affiliation2,028
Gary ShreveNo Party Affiliation2,003
Casey Paul HendricksWrite-in119
Ronna Lynn BearssWrite-in90
Owendale-Gagetown (3)Daniel WarackNo Party Affiliation182
Julie K. GoodNo Party Affiliation156
Kathleen WoodNo Party Affiliation144
Reese (4)Cathy BrickelNo Party Affiliation1,093
Dawn KalkmanNo Party Affiliation1,015
Suzanne R. KleinWrite-in39
Christopher ShoresWrite-in26
Unionville-Sebewaing (3)Brian Dyer770
Lori L. Kemp743
Kurt Ewald719
Vassar (3)Matthew J. KochNo Party Affiliation1,219
Jon WardNo Party Affiliation978
Hobart BakerNo Party Affiliation734
Jeff J. FacklerNo Party Affiliation683
Caro (3)Olivia Wasik No Party Affiliation2,771
Patricia FrazerNo Party Affiliation2,651
Kerwood CrutchfieldNo Party Affiliation2,603
Millington/Arbela (3)Carrie PetzoldNo Party Affiliation2,007
Denise HoardNo Party Affiliation1,734
Erin SchmandtNo Party Affiliation1,362
Autumn ShavrnochNo Party Affiliation865
Constance M. DaenzerWrite-in76

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