Mayville: A great place to live

Editor, Advertiser:

My name is Steve Charette. I’ve served on the Mayville Village Council as a Trustee for the last two years. I’m fairly new to the area, I moved my business here in 2011, and like it so much I moved by family here in 2014.
It’s been an interesting two years; I’m a newcomer to public service and have learned a lot. One thing I did learn, despite my own newness to the situation, is that we’ve had a pretty good council. It was a good balance of people with a wide variety of experiences – we have men and women, working and retired, black and white, unemployed and business owners, liberal and conservative, a pretty broad cross-section for a small town. And although we’ve had our disagreements, I truly believe that every member of the council has done the best job possible. Everybody brought something positive to the table.
Now let me preface what follows – despite what you might have heard from the local gossips and tongue waggers, Mayville is not at risk of being taken over by the state; there is no official talk of closing schools, we’re not broke – this is typical election year talk meant to manipulate voters into voting one way or another, and sadly some of the tactics we’re seeing seem to mimic the larger election campaigns. The fact is, however that this is not Washington, DC, Lansing, even Saginaw or Flint – this is Mayville.
Mayville is a great place to live. The people are friendly and it has a nice small town atmosphere. Do we have challenges? Sure. You’ll be hard pressed to find a small town that doesn’t. The fact is, we will meet these challenges and move ahead. We’ve got a lot of really good things going for us – excellent fire and police departments, a good DPW with enough equipment to properly maintain the village, even a great ambulance service. We have good schools with nice facilities and grounds, nice parks (not just one, but two) a great festival in the summer. We have a very nice Museum, a fully stocked library, a newspaper that’s been around for over 130 years, and shopping within walking distance of most residents.
So why do we keep hearing such horrible things about the future of Mayville? Most are comments that are blown far out of proportion. For example, an auditor recently told the council we should have more money in our coffers. The budget was immediately amended and the budget for next year will be adjusted accordingly. The auditor did say that insufficient funds could trigger state attention but at no time did she say we were going to have an emergency manager come in.
Yes, parts of the town have fallen into disrepair. The infrastructure, particularly the water, sewer and storm drain systems need to be updated and upgraded regularly or things start to break down, frequently. All of these systems are in need of updating, and this work needs to be completed before our roads (also in sad shape) can be paved. But as you’re seeing now, work has begun on the Fulton Street drain project, and if things continue to go well Fulton Street will eventually see fresh pavement.
Mayville is a great place to live. I’m asking for your vote on November 8th so I can continue to serve as a Trustee of the Village of Mayville.

Steve Charette
Village Council Trustee

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