Election Day 2016 in Tuscola County: What to expect

Tuscola County Election 2016 Guide (Click to open larger view)
Tuscola County Election 2016 Guide (Click to open larger view)

As Election Day approaches, Tuscola County Clerk Jodi Fetting expects “higher than normal” turnout and offers tips on what voters can expect at the polls Tuesday.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. with more than 20 polling locations in Tuscola County (see list, end of story).

Tuscola County Clerk Jodi Fetting said the number of registered voters in the county has increased from 40,544 in the August primary to 40,814 in October.

“I’m expecting voter turnout to be higher than normal with it being the presidential race,” said Fetting. “But we also have a lot of local issues to draw interest.”

Residents are reminded to check their polling location address before Election Day to avoid confusion and bring a photo identification with them to the designated station.

The highest volume of voter turnout is between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., so if possible avoid these times, Fetting said.

Requests for absentee ballots must be submitted to respective local clerks by 2 p.m. today (Saturday, Nov. 5).

Ballots cast via absentee voting must be returned to those same clerks by 8 p.m. Tuesday.

For complete details on absentee ballots, visit the Michigan Secretary of State website at http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-1633_8716-21037–,00.html

Fetting said voters should also remember the process of write-in candidate voting. To write in a candidate, Fetting said voters must find the contest, write the individual’s name on the blank line provided and connect the arrow on the ballot.

Fetting said there has been a significant increase in the number of write-in candidates for this election compared with years past, including three for the city of Caro and eight for various villages such as Akron, Fairgrove and Millington.

“When there’s a contested race, it brings more campaigning and more passion for it,” said Fetting.

There is the option to vote straight-ticket voting – selecting all candidates in a single party – up until the nonpartisan section of the ballot.

Voters are also warned not to bring any campaign material with them including clothing, political party logos or names, which is prohibited by Michigan Election Law. Fetting also warned no selfies or videos can be taken at the polling location. Those participating in campaign activity must be at least 100 feet from the entrance of the polling place.

For a list of candidates in Tuscola County, see page A9.

The Advertiser acquired a list from the county clerk’s office on the polling locations by township and city. Vassar Township is the only location with two voting precincts.

The precincts are listed below:

  • Akron Township: Akron Township Hall, 4280 Bay City-Forestville Road, Unionville.
  • Almer Charter Township: Almer Charter Township Hall, 1310 Cameron Road, Caro.
  • Arbela Township: Arbela Township Hall, 8935 Birch Run Road, Millington.
  • Columbia Township: Columbia Township Library, 6456 Center Street, Unionville.
  • Dayton Township: Dayton Township Hall, 4879 Hurds Corner Road, Mayville.
  • Denmark Township: Denmark Township Hall, 9386 W. Saginaw Road, Richville.
  • Elkland Township: Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall, 4533 Veterans Drive, Cass City.
  • Ellington Township: Ellington Township Hall, 2719 E. Caro Road, Caro.
  • City of Caro: Caro Municipal Building, 317 S. State Street, Caro.
  • Elmwood Township: Elmwood Township Hall, corner of South and Walsh Streets, Gagetown.
  • Fairgrove Township: Fairgrove Township Hall, 5002 Center Street, Fairgrove.
  • Fremont Township: Fremont Township Hall, 4850 Mertz Road, Mayville.
  • Gilford Township: Gilford Township Hall, 6230 W. Gilford Road, Fairgrove.
  • Indianfields Township: Indianfields Township Hall, 1633 Mertz Road, Caro.
  • Juniata Township: Juniata Township Hall, 1971 S. Ringle Road, Caro.
  • Kingston Township: Kingston Township Hall, 5943 Howard Street, Wilmot.
  • Koylton Township: Kingston Village Hall, 3655 Ross Street, Kingston.
  • City of Vassar: Vassar City Hall-lower level, 287 W. Huron Ave., Vassar.
  • Millington Township: Millington Community Center, 8705 State Street, Millington.
  • Novesta Township: Cass City Gun Club, 2676 Englehart Road, Cass City.
  • Tuscola Township: Tuscola Township Hall, 8561 Van Cleve Road, Vassar.
  • Vassar Township: Precinct 1-Vassar Area Ambulance, 5450 W. Saginaw Road, Vassar.
  • Vassar Township: Precinct 2-Vassar Township Hall, 4505 W. Saginaw Road, Vassar.
  • Watertown Township: Watertown Township Hall, 9405 Foster Street, Fostoria.
  • Wells Township: Wells Township Hall, 2190 Frankford Road, Caro.
  • Wisner Township: Wisner Township Hall, 7894 M-25, Akron.

For more information contact a local voting precinct or call the Tuscola County Clerk’s Office at 989-672-3780.

Debanina Seaton is a reporter for The Advertiser and can be reached at debanina@tcadvertiser.com

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