Lost 3-year-old in Vassar Twp. causes scare Tuesday

(Tuscola County Sheriff's Department)
(Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department)

A small army of area emergency responders flocked to the 6000 block of Sheridan Road Tuesday in a frantic search to find a lost 3-year-old.

According to the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department, the family reported the boy “must have walked off within the last hour or so.”

“Every available (sheriff’s department) officer responded,” along with Vassar and Millington police, officers from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and Michigan State Police.

The MSP canine and helicopter search units also were on their way.

Further, the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department dive team was on standby as a pond about 10 feet deep was in the immediate vicinity.

With the MSP chopper just minutes away, the child was found about a half-mile from the home and had suffered a small scratch.

Emergency responders had been searching for about 30 minutes.

In December, another 3-year-old boy was lost for 2.5 hours on Winter Solstice.

Similar to Tuesday, emergency personnel scoured the immediate vicinity and found the boy about a half-mile away just as the day was turning dark.



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