Huron County Sheriff conducts marijuana flyover Tuesday

Marijuana Flyover 9-13-16
(Huron County Sheriff’s Office)

Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson and Deputy Ryan Swartz accompanied a Michigan Air National Guard helicopter crew for a flyover of Huron County in search of marijuana on Tuesday.

Hanson said about two dozen marijuana plants were seized from locations throughout Huron County. In the photo at right, Swartz is shown with some of the bundled marijuana seized and the helicopter used for Tuesday’s operation.

More marijuana plants were found “at other locations,” though details were not provided. Hanson said the county is monitoring some locations “to see if anyone is interested in claiming.”

Charges may result in at least one of the discoveries, Hanson said, and prosecutors are expected to review further.

Hanson also said the Huron County Sheriff’s Office encourages illegal drug tips by calling local police departments of by calling the sheriff’s office at 989-269-6500. Additionally, Huron Central Dispatch’s non-emergency number is 989-269-6421.

2 thoughts on “Huron County Sheriff conducts marijuana flyover Tuesday

  1. Pretty expensive use of tax dollars to gather up a few plants, and only one set of charges. What a WASTE of time and resources!

  2. You take away two dozen marijuana plants but let over two dozen pill poppers go about their lives happily. Over two dozen people in just one town itself do hard drugs or pop pills. And this is how you respond? Do your job the right way. Go after the people that are actually ruining the world for everyone around them. How pathetic. And to think you guys actually call yourself police officers. Lol more like a bunch of washed up dudes that don’t know how else to bring money home to the family.

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