Boost expected with sale of Super Foods building

By Mary Drier
Staff Writer

TUSCOLA COUNTY — Some economic turnaround with job development is being seen in Tuscola County.

Jim McLoskey, who is an aide to Senator Mike Green (R – Mayville), did an update of business activity in the county and the state.

According to McLoskey, the former Super Foods building in Vassar has been bought, a business in the Millington area is expanding, as is a plastic manufacturing company in the Caro area.

“I would say there will be a ribbon cutting in about 90 days,” said McLoskey about the manufacturing company going into the former Super Foods building.

“This development will be a ‘shot in the arm’ for Vassar,” said McLoskey.

Also, a review of possible uses for the former Tuscola County Re-entry Facility outside of Caro was done. The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) closed the facility last October that had reopened in the former minimum security Camp Tuscola prison.

Some of the “brainstorming ideas” proposed for the re-entry center were: a performing arts center, a retreat center, a summer camp, assisted living for senior citizens, a privately owned adult assisted living center for special need individuals, a juvenile rehabilitation center, a jail, another veterans home, and a conference center.

“Mike met with the DOC on (better) monitoring the building to make sure it is heated,” noted McLoskey.

A tour earlier this month coordinated by Tuscola County Commissioner  Craig Kirkpatrick, discovered the heating system at the facility wasn’t working. Fortunately, the problem was discovered before there was any damage.

Mary Drier is a staff writer for the Tuscola County Advertiser. She can be reached at

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