Would you just drive away from the scene?

I knew I heard a strange CLUNK outside on Tuesday evening.

What I didn’t know, was that my mailbox had been smooshed by a vehicle that careened down into the ditch in front of my house, nearly hitting a tree.

“Did you hear that?” I asked my husband.

By the time we got to the window, a Jeep had already popped it in reverse and backed out of the ditch in front of our house.

And away it went.

“Well, that was strange,” I said.

From the house, we could see tire tracks in the dimly lit ditch.

I peered out a different window and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, our mailbox is located behind a tree and not visible from the house.

The very next morning as my husband left for work, we found out what the “CLUNK” really was.

“They took out our mailbox!” my husband informed me.

The mailbox post was snapped at the ground with the wood that once surrounded the mailbox splayed around the ditch. Even a metal post that once held a plastic news box was snapped off.

If the driver happens to read this, I would just like to say, we would have understood that the road was icy. We would’ve even helped you out! Accidents happen.

The very fact that the person did not stop makes me think they were either drunk, texting or just a coward. Which is it?

All I can do is shake my head about the whole situation.

This person that destroyed my mailbox isn’t the only one who simply drives away after causing damage.

A few years ago, I was traveling south on Cemetery Road, near Cass City, when I saw a large black dog bolt out into the road. A little S-10 pickup traveling ahead of me struck the dog, sending the animal flying through the air.

Obviously, the dog was dead.

The little truck didn’t even tap the brakes. And away it went.

I immediately pulled into the yard where the dog had run out and informed them that a truck had just hit their dog. It turns out it was actually their grandchildren’s dog that lived just next door.

Was it a little nutty that I stopped for such a thing? Maybe. Maybe not.

They certainly seemed to appreciate the gesture and at least they wouldn’t have to wonder what happened to their dog, not knowing that it was dead in the tall grass on the other side of the road.

Either way, it never ceases to amaze me that a person would be so callous as to cause destruction or even kill a family pet and drive away. And then I am reminded of the fact that I have written many stories about motorists who have killed pedestrians or other motorists … and drove off.

Makes a mailbox getting smooshed sound pretty minor, doesn’t it?

Amy Joles is the editor of the Tuscola County Advertiser. She can be reached at joles@tcadvertiser.com.


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