May the best beard win

I’ve found that the most noticeable men’s trend lately is the abundance of facial hair. Beards have slowly grown into popularity and it hasn’t missed our household.

Until I met my husband, I have always been more partial to the clean shaven face. I think I may have let that slip when we were first dating, and I can only recall seeing my husband’s face completely shaved twice since I met him.

I quickly found he is one of the rare guys who can pull off facial hair and make it look good, mostly staying with the goatee. I guess I may be partial though because I am one of his biggest fans.

He’s grown a beard before, usually sporting it around hunting season with the threat that he’ll only shave if he gets a deer.

That was until last July.

After his brother’s wedding, my husband decided to expand on his normal look and grow a full beard. He called it his mid-life crisis, but now I know he was just staying up with the trends. (Good job, honey!)

I still like to tease him and nag him about shaving his beard, usually stating that I hadn’t seen his pretty face in months. However, it looks like I won’t have to wait much longer thanks to a contest in Kingston. Even though it may be short lived.

The annual beard contest for Kingston Days is about to start and this year my husband has caught wind of it.

To enter, interested men have to start out with a clean shaven face, and on February 26 they must stop by the Kingston Village Hall and have their picture taken. They then have until August 28 to grow their beard into one of three categories: longest beard, best groomed beard and most unique beard.

If my husband does enter, I’m hoping he goes for best groomed, but with him you never know. I may be living with a conquistador for the next few months.

For all those considering entering into the popular facial hair contest, good luck!

May the best beard win.

Stacey Tucker is a staff writer for the Tuscola County Advertiser. You may contact her at

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