There are no easy solutions, but we must work together

Editor, Advertiser:

Reading this heartfelt comment on the part of Bruce Nelson was truly the very best summary of what we are faced with as a society dealing with the tragic event in the Connecticut school shootings.

Mr. Nelson hit all the major points that we as a people face on a daily basis and he made no easy solutions to this serious problem. He covered all the possible issues that face us and he did not run from any of the hard positions that many have been hiding from since this terrible event in our history.

He candidly pointed out that there is simply no easy fix for this type of tragedy as some of our political brain-dead elite always come up with such as just take away the guns and all is well in America. What a false sense of security this brings and we all know it and have known it for many years now.

That is not to say that we should “not” focus more on maintaining controls over the firearms in this country but we already have those laws on the books and sadly we do not have the finances to even make a feeble attempt to enforce them. So to even consider further laws that we will not be able to enforce is simply nonsense.

And to those who have the false belief that we can simply “outlaw” them are just making waves in the swimming pool and hoping for a Tsunami to happen. If we cannot afford to enforce the present laws on the books then how can we even think that we can simply “collect” up all the weapons in this country??

And let’s say we do see laws passed to “collect” up the weapons? Then who do you think will enforce this law? There are about 80 million Americans who have weapons of one kind or another so you tell me how we go about this effort and do it without more problems than we can accept?

Make no mistake about it, there are more Americans who will refuse such an attempt than any of us want to even deal with and that includes the local and state authorities. This is no vialed threat at all, but rather a simple fact from what I have seen and heard in my lifetime.

So Mr. Nelson has other ideas that have some real merit to them such as the play games that show eight-year-olds how to kill hundreds on the screen per day. How do we get rid of these games? This has merit, but I can assure you this will NOT even be considered by our elected officials. And I do not blame them for this sad event, but for some reason they think they can solve it with more gun controls. Such nonsense.

They should go to Microsoft and GameStop and so many others and start their real “controls” at this level.

Please keep in mind what a very famous founder of America once said, “A just government should not fear an armed population.”

Let us not forget that 9/11 showed us all something or “should” have shown us all something and that is we could be invaded and even the liberals will laugh out loud at this, but should it happen, who are you going to call? “Ghost Busters.”

This is not to be made as a joke, but the point is we are always to be vigilant and that is against all our enemies to include the insane people like the murderer who killed all those innocent people.

Let’s try to put our focus as Mr. Nelson suggested on real areas that we can make some impact on the potential future events and do our best to avoid them. Our best is all we can offer and that applies to each and every one of us.

Blood does not recognize any political party and death takes all that are brought forward, so let’s work together and do our level best to stop this insanity.


Mike Byron

Cass City


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