‘Last Ounce of Courage’ is not about American patriotism

Editor, Advertiser:

This film, being promoted by the TEA Party, Fox News and conservative Christian groups is about promoting one particular identity and political position. The film falls flat and fails to inspire. One well-known theologian states “faith, freedom and family attempt to merge into this hokey film.” The movie doesn’t support separation of church and state and obviously makes the ACLU the “boogey man,” even though the ACLU has no part in the story.

The foundation of the story is the worn out “War on Christians” or “War on Christmas”, a Christian Right Wing creation – a myth. The movie perpetuates a lie and shouldn’t be supported by intelligent Christians for that reason. The “War on Christmas” is used to scare Christians into believing religious persecution is around every corner. It claims religious freedoms are eroding, a common outcry of conservative Christians.

It is poorly written and acted as an unapologetic smash-up of ideas that equate being a patriotic American with being exclusive, white, Christian, mostly male and war-mongering. The film makes a big deal about our soldiers dying for freedom to be Christian, celebrate Christmas and carry a Bible. It’s a sermon for only those whose religion is Christianity.

Questions the film doesn’t want you to ask include: Was the pre-emptive war in Iraq a just war? Do motorcycles and an endless supply of American flags define patriotism? Is a Christian American with a Bible in hand the only real American? This is what the film seems to purport. The film’s sponsors don’t even seem embarrassed that the gun lobby, the single most powerful lobbying group in the country pushes their ideology, saying that to be a real American you need a Bible and a gun. Besides the National Rifle Association, this low grade film is also sponsored by the controversial Focus on the Family organization, funded by the Koch Brothers’ “Americans For Prosperity.” It offends those Christians not believing in war.

Setting up the ACLU as the enemy makes it family un-friendly as it teaches a lack of respect of U.S. laws and authority, denying that history has a meaningful story to tell regarding why many renown persons, even the famous reformer, Martin Luther, had the insight to realize that government cannot favor a particular religion. Civil liberties are important.

Christians have got to stop acting like they are special snowflakes whose rights are being infringed on when other religions and non-religious people want the rights Christians have always taken for granted. They have to admit Christians are not oppressed in America.

“Happy Holidays” has been the most popular greeting ever extended and is a moot point in the dialogue.

B.J. Dickinson-Stark


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