Street trees replaced, but need water

FRANKENMUTH — Frankenmuth City’s Tree Board and Department of Public Works have been feverishly seeking donations to replace numerous trees as a result of the Emerald Ash Borer infestation and other tree diseases that are claiming many of the city’s street trees.
It will take approximately two years for the replacement trees to become established.
“During this time it is critical to the survival of these new trees that they get the proper care and maintenance so they can thrive and maintain our long-standing “Tree City” status,” said Frankenmuth Police Chief Donald Mawer in a press release.
“Numerous volunteers, organizations, donors and officials have helped to raise funds to replace our dead/dying street trees.”
Due to the very hot and dry temperatures we are experiencing, the city needs residents to help in keeping these trees healthy!
Although the DPW periodically waters the new trees, city officials are also seeking the public’s assistance with watering the trees to help them survive and mature.
In order to care for a new tree, keep the soil moist, but not muddy. Let the hose run slowly at the base of the tree for about 15 minutes.  Watering about once every two weeks is sufficient.
The Tree Board and City of Frankenmuth, hopes for cooperation in caring for these new trees. If you have any questions, contact DPW Landscape/Tree Specialist Ginny Foster at (989) 652-3443, Ext. 2.

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