School will be open in fall

Editor, Advertiser:
Mayville Community Schools has no intention of closing its doors this fall. Most districts across the state are facing financial difficulties and this year is particularly daunting. Competition for student enrollment is fierce. Neighboring districts are waiting like vultures for any district, not just Mayville, to close in hopes of absorbing students into their school systems.
People have been asking me if it is true that Mayville Schools is closing. Every year this question is brought forth by people who hear this at neighboring community gatherings. As in the past, I answer this question with, “That’s news to me.” Our plans are to open our doors in the fall just as we have for the past 127 years.
We have made progress in many areas this year. There are 18 subtests on the MEAP assessments that are given from grades three through nine. We maintained or improved our ranking in the county on 15 out of the 18 possible subtests. We are proud of the hard work put forward by our students and staff to make these gains.
We are doing professional development in the areas of explicit instruction. This will assist our staff at becoming even stronger teachers. We have high expectations of our students and staff. Recently, U.S. News and World Reports awarded Mayville High School a bronze medal for our academic accomplishments. For more information, please see
We have some work to do before the start of next year which includes passing the Non-Homestead Millage renewal. We are a small community with strong loyalties to the school. On June 26, the polls will open for the residents of the district to vote on this 18 mill renewal. It is vital to the programs of our district, for voters to get out and cast their ballots. I believe that our community will stand behind its school and pass this millage. It will be in every property owner’s best interest for this millage to be renewed. It is a well-known fact that a school district’s programs can draw people into the community. If the school district offers a competitive education, families will be more apt to purchase homes within the district. Please remember that personal property taxes will not increase or decrease with the passage of this millage renewal; however, the re-sale or marketable value can.
Yes, Mayville Schools will be open come this fall. Not only will we be open, we will be better and stronger than ever. So shoo the vultures away, there is nothing dying around here.
See you then,
Rhonda Blackburn, Superintendent
Mayville Community Schools

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