Memorial Day kudos to Vassar businesses

Editor, Advertiser:
I am always gratified at seeing the number of Vassar businesses that proudly display our American flag throughout the year.
As you know, the U.S. Flag code requires our National Flag be displayed at half-staff from sun-up to noon on Memorial Day. I am proud to report that all businesses complied except one, the Fairway Store. Management was notified last week and an employee was notified at 9 a.m. on Memorial Day when they opened. Unfortunately, their flag pole hawser is secured out of reach from the ground and is under lock and key. For reasons unknown, management at the Fairway Store chose not to supply the on-duty personnel with the means to comply.
There are few things that upset a Military Veteran more than disrespect for our flag. Veterans, if you have occasion to frequent the Vassar Fairway Store, please express your displeasure to management.
City and county Building’s flags were handled by the on-duty police officer. By prior arrangement, other closed businesses were handled by volunteer Veterans.
Thanks again to those who cared and God Bless our Military, past and present.
Jim Work
U.S. Navy Veteran

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