New recall petition filed for Akron president

By Mary Drier
Staff Writer

AKRON — An Akron Village official’s ethics are being questioned again with the filing of a second recall petition in a month.

A proposed recall petition was filed with the Tuscola County Clerk’s office Thursday against Akron Village President Juanita Hollister.

The proposed recall says Hollister should be recalled for the following reason: “Attempted malfeasance by trying to charge the village a $60 meeting fee for talking to residents.”

This last recall petition, as was the first one, was filed by Robert Sode, who used to be the Akron Village President until he decided not to seek re-election and Hollister was voted in.

The next step in the recall process is for a clarity hearing. That will be 1 p.m. Monday, May 13, before the Tuscola County Election Commission in the probate courtroom.

The commission consists of Tuscola County Clerk Jodi Fetting, Probate Judge Nancy Thane, and Treasurer Pat Gray.

Besides just deciding if the wording on a recall is clear and understandable, commission members now also have to determine if the statements on the recall are “factual” as part of the election law changes made in December 2012.

This last recall petition didn’t include assertions of Hollister’s alleged lack leadership ability and of fiscal responsibility that was outline in the first petition.

It was because of those assertions the commission decided during Thursday’s clarity hearing they could not approve the petition as the statements were “an opinion;” and therefore, did not meet the provision of facts.

Even though the commission agreed the petition’s wording was clear and understandable, they had to make a ruling on the entire petition so it had to be voted down because they each viewed assertions as an opinion.

Mary Drier is a staff writer for the Tuscola County Advertiser. She can be reached at drier@tcadvertiser.com.

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One Response to "New recall petition filed for Akron president"

  1. dale says:

    I hope this recall petition gets approved so we can attempt to get her out of office the last one should have been approved as it is the residents here in akron who know if the allegations on the last petition were true or at least should have been allowed to vote if they thought they were true, the people who stopped that they didn’t know if the allegations on the last petition hd no way of knowing what is going on in this town like the residents do, so LET US VOTE IF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE, those judges don’t live here & see what is happening with this woman in office, its gotten really bad with her in office& we need to get her out before things get worse

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