Denmark board won’t appeal tribunal’s judgement

By Bill Petzold
Staff Writer

DENMARK TWP — The Denmark Township board voted during Wednesday’s special meeting at the township hall not to appeal the Michigan Tax Tribunal’s ruling in favor of the residents who live in the special assessment district created for the abandoned water project.

After a two-hour closed session, trustee Steve Schwab made a motion that “Denmark Township will not file exceptions or appeal the tax tribunal small claims cases.” Trustee Arnold Krumnauer supported the motion, and it passed 4-0. Treasurer Dennis Weber did not vote because he had to leave before the conclusion of the meeting.

“I think it was wonderful that the board decided instead of continuing the fight more that they stopped at this point,” Denmark Township resident Beth Asperger said. Asperger and her husband Scott presented their appeal to Michigan Tax Tribunal hearing referee Tina S. Gray on December 19 at the Purdy Building in Caro. Their appeal was one of 34 heard by Gray in three sessions in December and January. Gray’s proposed judgement was that the Aspergers and fellow residents not be charged for the project.

As of Wednesday, not all residents who had filed appeals had received letters with their proposed judgements, but it is expected that the tax tribunal will issue the same judgement for all the appeals.


Most of the evidence submitted by residents was the same from case to case, including a 141-page analysis of the creation of the special assessment district prepared by Joe Turner of Saginaw-based tax firm Michigan Property Consultants.

“We’re all very thankful, because we didn’t want to go any further if we had to,” Asperger said. “I am very happy that at this point they’re not going to appeal.”

It remains to be seen what happens with three small-claims cases and a lawsuit filed against the township by residents in the water district. More could be known after Monday’s meeting.

The township board will be faced with the dilemma of finding a way to pay for the $395,000 incurred before November’s vote to abandon the controversial project. The total includes primarily engineering and legal fees, as well as other costs associated with preparations for the project.

Township clerk Chuck Heinlein said that residents in the district who have already paid the $825 in additional taxes as part of the special assessment will get their money back, and that the board will discuss a plan to pay the cost at 7 p.m. Monday during the board’s regular meeting.

“We looked at different ways that we could possibly handle this,” Heinlein said.

“It’s cutting somewhere, and I don’t know where because it’s pretty bare-bones already, so it’s either salaries or services. That’s going to have to be determined.”

Bill Petzold is a staff writer for the Tuscola County Advertiser. He can be reached at petzold@tcadvertiser.com.

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4 Responses to "Denmark board won’t appeal tribunal’s judgement"

  1. soreal says:

    “The township board will be faced with the dilemma of finding a way to pay for the $395,000”. I know of a very good way. Lay off Fred Hecht until he retires, why keep bleeding money from the general fund. History will show that by taking care of Fred Hecht, Denmark Township will have money problems in the years to come. What a waste of money for Denmark Township to have a police department. Cant wait until June when Fred will be GONE for GOOD. Please, lets all the residents remember that we need to keep Fred off the board when he retires.

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  2. soreal says:

    Mr. Heinlein, your comment of “it’s pretty bare-bones already”. Just look around and your the only township that has a police department, so it must not be bare-bones as you say. The only reason it might be bare-bones is because you have taken care of Fred Hecht so many years. When he is gone, that will be the best day for Denmark Township in many years. Bye Fred!!!!!!

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  3. Sandy says:

    soreal-Do you have something against Fred Hecht? Good Lord-you sound like a 2nd grader!!!

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  4. soreal says:

    No, just the Demark Township Board keeps complaining about no money but they are the only Township in the area to have a police force. What does that tell ya, they can not afford to keep Fred Hecht around. Just look at the last millage for a police force, it was defeated by a large number. So why do we have Fred Hecht still working? Lets disband the police force like the voters wanted. Do people even realize how much tax dollars are going to waste with Fred still working? WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY FRED IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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