Misuse of Old State Road causes county concern

By Mary Drier
Staff Writer

AKRON — Between overuse and the weather, Old State Road has become dangerous to drive on.
While the Michigan Department of Transportation replaces the M-25 bridge over the Quanicassee River, a detour was developed and extensively advertised.

Old State Road is to be used by local traffic only and by emergency vehicles. However, that hasn’t been the case. Because motorist are continuing to use Old State Road as the primary detour, the road has become dangerous to travel, resulting in further limitations on use.

“Old State Road is being closed by the road commission because of the condition of the road,” announced Tuscola County Sheriff Lee Teschendorf early Wednesday morning.

“It can’t be accessed except by local traffic.. and local traffic means people who live on that road.”

County officials are reacting strongly to the misuse of Old State Road as a detour.

“Old State Road is ‘not’ part of the official detour. Others who try to go around barricades (for road closed) will be cited,” said Teschendorf.

The detour motorists are asked to take starts in Unionville. M-25 is detoured south on M-24 turning. West onto M-138 through Akron following M-138 to M-15, turn north back to M-25/Center Street in Bay City.

Mary Drier is a staff writer for the Tuscola County Advertiser. She can be reached at drier@tcadvertiser.com.

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2 Responses to "Misuse of Old State Road causes county concern"

  1. john1957 says:

    What did the road commission expect when they created the detour? Why do all of electric signs on M-25 state “10 weight limit” and nothing else?
    Why did they not remove only 1 section of the bridge at a time and put up temporary signal lights like they did on M-25 north of Unionville and again on M-138 east of Munger? That worked perfectly. There were no traffic backups, and there were no problems.
    Somebody didn’t think this through very well. Nobody wants to take a 30 mile (round trip) detour when all they have to do is drive down an old bumpy road for a couple of miles.

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  2. dmorin says:

    I agree with John1957’s comments. Additionally, the officer’s handing out citations do so randomly. A 30 mile detour is too long and it is unrealistic to believe that most people will comply, when gas is so expensive. The replacement of the bridge is taking a very long time and the present detour was poorly thought out. When I travel from BayCity to Sebewaing, it is generally necessary to allow double the time it should take for the trip due to hinderances enroute. For example, controlled burns in Quanicassee or slow moving vehicles. For many years the Thumb was my home, but it is getting so it is not worth the trip to return there.

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