State picks Romney, sheriff millage fails

By Mary Drier
Staff Writer
TUSCOLA COUNTY — In Tuesday’s presidential race, voters in Tuscola County backed Rick Santorum while the rest of the state supported Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for the Oval Office.
The unofficial election results show: Santorum received 2,995 votes, Romney received 2,027 votes, Ron Paul received 813 votes, and Newt Gingrich received 339 votes.
As for the millage requests on the ballot, one issue failed and one passed by a slim margin.
The request to approve a .30 of a mill request to fund the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Road Patrol, which will also help fund the county’s emergency management department was defeated by 154 votes. The vote was 3,773 “no votes” to 3,619 “yes votes.”
By a three vote margin, the Mayville School District’s request to renew the 18 mill tax on non-homestead property was approved. The vote was 459 “yes votes” to 456 “no votes.”
Vote totals are unofficial until the Tuscola County Board of Canvassers verify them Wednesday (today) afternoon.
Mary Drier is a staff writer for the Tuscola County Advertiser. She can be reached at drier@tcadvertiser.com.

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One Response to "State picks Romney, sheriff millage fails"

  1. arduino says:

    Michigan voters made a big boo-boo.
    Romney is a succesful businessman making money from corporate raiding – has no clue about what middle America needs. He’ll give billions to his rich corporate pals in tax breaks telling us that it’ll trickel down to us at the bottom.

    Just like Govenor Snyder – but all I see trickling down is used toilet paper with large brown skid marks!

    Santorum wants to revamp ‘entitlemenmt’ programs – SOCIAL SECURITY – he also has no clue what people in their 60’s need to survive on. Not everyone makes big bucks and can put away money in 401k’s – alot of folks are just struggling to get buy.

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